Connie Escamilla and Kylie Beasley Sentenced In Childs Murder

Connie Escamilla and Kylie Beasley

Connie Escamilla and Kylie Beasley have just been sentenced to 22 years to life for the murder of a three year old boy. Connie Escamilla who is the mother of the murdered child and her fiance Kylie Beasley would call 911 to report an unresponsive child. When the paramedics showed up they would find the three year old boy unresponsive with a series of injuries.

The child would be rushed to the hospital and die the next day from his injuries. The two women attempted to explain away the numerous injuries on the child that ranged from burns on his limbs, head trauma, broken bones and bruising to his internal organs. Connie Escamilla and Kylie Beasley would be arrested and charged with murder and child abuse. The pair would be convicted at trial and a judge would sentence the two to 22 years to life in State prison.

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A Modesto mom and her fiancée were sentenced this month to 22 years to life in state prison for torturing and killing her 3-year-old son in 2017. Gilbert Escamilla, 3, was found with extensive injuries to his body when Modesto Police and medical personnel responded to a report of a child not breathing at the Emerald Pointe apartments on the 300 block of Standiford Avenue on March 1, 2017. The toddler was taken to Doctors Medical Center then flown to Valley Children’s Hospital in Madera for further treatment but died the next day.

Hospital personnel documented injuries including severe burn marks on his legs, bruising and abrasions over his entire body and various broken bones, according to a news release from the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office. Doctors also found internal damage consisting of bleeding on the brain, a bruised lung and bruised liver. Modesto Police arrested Connie Marie Escamilla, 29, and her fiancée Kylie Mykaela Ann Beasley, 25.

When detectives interviewed Connie Escamilla and Beasley in separate rooms, both claimed Gilbert suffered some of the injuries during a car accident. When investigators pressed them for specifics, each was inconsistent with the other about when the crash occurred and there were no law enforcement or other records to back it up, according to the news release.

The pair further blamed his severe leg burns on hot water spilling on him, but doctors determined that could not have caused the injuries they saw. Additional excuses included falling off his bed, blaming an unknown male whom law enforcement was never able to locate and negligence by the medical professionals who administered CPR to the unresponsive child.

When told that Gilbert had died, both Connie Escamilla and Beasley admitted to being untruthful and blamed the other for the child’s injuries and death, according to prosecutors.

In December, Escamilla and Beasley each pleaded guilty to one count of second-degree murder and one count of torture and waived two years of earned custody credits.

On March 9, both were sentenced by Judge Linda McFadden to serve 15 years to life for the murder charge plus an additional seven years for the torture count to run consecutively.

Deputy District Attorney Erin Schwartz, who prosecuted the case, said no one attended the sentencing to give victim impact statements on behalf of Gilbert. She said the boy’s father was never in the picture and a step-grandmother attended hearings in the early stages but hadn’t come in years.

At the time of Gilbert’s death, he had a 7-year-old half-sister who was taken by child protective services. Schwartz said the child was adopted by “a really wonderful family.” She said they were informed of the sentencing but are very protective of their daughter and declined to give statements.

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