Judge Sonya McKnight Charged With Attempted Murder

Judge Sonya McKnight mugshot

Sonya McKnight was a Judge in Harrisburg Pennsylvania until she would shoot the victim in the head while the man slept

According to police reports Sonya McKnight would shoot the victim in the right side of the head, while he slept, and the bullet would travel through his skull and end up behind his eyes. The victim somehow survived the shooting however is now blind in one eye

Sonya McKnight was suspended when criminal charges were pending. Now the Judge is facing charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault. McKnight was unable to post her bond so is still in custody

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Suspended Harrisburg district judge Sonya McKnight has been arrested and charged with attempted first-degree murder, according to newly filed court documents.

The charges stem from an incident in the early morning hours of Saturday, Feb. 10 at the victim’s home on Saddle Ridge Drive in Harrisburg, according to the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office.

McKnight allegedly shot the victim in the head while he was asleep in bed. The bullet entered the right side of his head, traveled through in a straight line behind and slightly below his eyes and exited the left side of his face.

The victim survived the gunshot wound but is blind in one eye as a result.

The Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office assumed jurisdiction of the investigation at the request of Dauphin County District Attorney Fran Chardo, because McKnight worked as a Magisterial District Judge in Dauphin County.

McKnight was arrested on Feb. 15 and has been charged with attempted first-degree murder and aggravated assault, according to court documents. She was reportedly unable to post her $300,000 bail and was processed at the Dauphin County Central Booking Center.

A preliminary hearing is set before President Judge Evans on Feb. 26.


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Dauphin County Magisterial District Judge Sonya McKnight has been arrested on attempted murder and aggravated assault charges.

McKnight is accused of shooting a man in the head while he was sleeping in his Susquehanna Township home on Saturday.

The victim survived but is blind in one eye.

Because McKnight serves as a judge in Dauphin County, the district attorney there turned over jurisdiction of the case to the Cumberland County district attorney.

A preliminary hearing for McKnight is scheduled for Feb. 26.


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