13 Yr Old Nolan Grove Charged With Murder

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Thirteen year old Nolan Grove has been charged with the murder of twelve year old Kain Heiland before a planned sleepover

According to police reports Kain Heiland was fatally shot in the back by Nolan Grove near his home in Pennsylvania

The reason behind the shooting is not clear however it has been decided that Nolan Grove will be charged as an adult meaning he faces up to life in prison

Nolan Grove would surrender to authorities shortly after the murder. The alleged teen killer has been charged with murder in the third degree, involuntary manslaughter, carrying a firearm without a license, possession of a firearm by a minor, and recklessly endangering another person amongst other charges

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Nolan Grove News

A 13-year-old is charged with murder in the death of a 12-year-old boy in Red Lion, York County.

York County District Attorney Dave Sunday made the announcement at a Friday morning news conference.

“Decisions to charge anyone, let alone a 13-year-old with third-degree murder are taken with the utmost seriousness and care,” Sunday said.

Nolan Grove, 13, is charged with murder in the third degree, which carries a maximum sentence of 40 years. He is also charged with:

Involuntary manslaughter.
Firearms not to be carried without a license.
Possession of a firearm by a minor.
Recklessly endangering another person.

Grove is charged as an adult. He surrendered Friday morning and was arraigned.

A judge ordered Grove to be detained at a juvenile facility.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for June.

Kain Heiland, 12, was shot and killed on Saturday, April 1, in Red Lion. Sunday said Grove shot him in the back.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, a witness told investigators that Grove made a joke about Heiland’s mother. Heiland told Grove to shut up, and then Grove allegedly shot Heiland once.

The district attorney said witnesses and video were key evidence for the grand jury.

Charging documents indicate surveillance cameras inside the home of a boy who was with Grove and Heiland captured Grove pointing the red laser light of the gun at Heiland and Heiland saying, “Take your finger off the trigger.”

Police also said a two-hour FaceTime call placed by the third boy showed Grove pointing the gun at Heiland while Heiland was on the ground and shielding his face.

The boy said he heard Grove say after the shooting, “I am so sorry, K.” K is apparently short for Kain.

Witnesses also told police Grove threatened other children.

At one point, he approached two girls who he thought had his friend’s scooter. One of the girls said Grove told them he wasn’t afraid to shoot someone and would if he could.

Another witness said Grove pointed the gun at the girls as he walked away.

Heiland’s mother believes the charges against Grove should be stronger.

“I think it should have been first- or second-degree murder because I feel like it was premeditated. I feel like he planned out to kill my son,” Devin Rexroth said.

She also has a question for Grove.

“I would ask him why he killed my son because I’m just not understanding why he would do that,” Rexroth said.


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