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Jessica Marie Hann who use to be known as Jason Hann was sentenced to death by the State of California for the murders of his infant daughter and son plus the attempted murder of another child. According to court documents Jessica Marie Hann (Jason Hann) would beat to death his two month old son. Two years later she would beat to death another child, this time a ten month old daughter. The body of the second child would be found in a storage container after Hann failed to pay the rent. When authorities went to arrest Jessica Marie Hann (Jason Hann) and his common law wife Krissy Lynn Werntz who was the mother of the two children they would discover a third infant was showing signs of abuse. The pair would be arrested. Krissy Lynn Werntz would be found guilty to the murder of her daughter and sentenced to a fifteen year prison sentence. Jessica Marie Hann would be sentenced to death.

Jessica Marie Hann 2021 Information

CDCR NumberWB1125
Admission Date02/27/2014
Current LocationCentral California Women’s Facility
Location LinkDirections
Parole Eligible Date (Month/Year)CONDEMNED

Jessica Marie Hann More News

Jason Michael Hann (Jessica Marie Hann) admits he killed two of his children just weeks after they were born, his attorney said. Their bodies were found in separate storage lockers 1,500 miles apart in 2002.

Already serving up to 30 years in the Vermont prison system for the 1999 death of his son, Hann’s murder trial began Monday in the 2001 killing of his daughter, Montana, who prosecutors say died in Desert Hot Springs, Calif. She was 2½ months old.

Riverside County prosecutors are pursuing the death penalty for Hann by invoking the “special circumstance” of a previous murder conviction. If the jury finds him guilty of first-degree murder with the special circumstance, it will then decide if the death sentence should be imposed. The other option would be life without possibility of parole.

Jason Hann (Jessica Marie Hann), who has pleaded not guilty to the first-degree murder charge, has had severe bipolar disorder since early childhood, his lawyer Brenda Miller said. She asked the jury of nine women and three men at Larson Justice Center in California to consider a second-degree murder charge in light of that information.

Miller compared Hann’s cycles of rage to a swing on a children’s playground — going up and down — and said 10-week-old Montana took the brunt of it one day almost 13 years ago.

“Just as his anxiety and his rage was reaching its peak, Montana began to cry, and her cries got louder and louder, and his rage just exploded,” Miller said, at which point Hann punched the baby with a closed fist.

Jason Hann (Jessica Marie Hann) had been treated several times for bipolar disorder, but he checked himself out of facilities against medical advice and refused to take medication

“Mental illness is no excuse” for what Hann did, Miller said, but she asked the jury to consider the lesser conviction, which carries a sentence of 15 years to life.

Investigators in Arkansas, where Montana’s remains were found, determined she died while her parents lived in Desert Hot Springs, and her body was wrapped inside garbage bags and placed in a “blue Tupperware-type container,” deputy Riverside County district attorney Lisa DiMaria said. Then the couple, who DiMaria said lived a “transient, gypsy-style life” beginning in 1998, left for Arkansas. They rented a storage locker, where they kept a trailer containing Montana’s body. A year after Montana died, her parents had stopped paying for the locker and the contents were auctioned off. The buyer called police after finding the body.

An all-points-bulletin found Jason Hann (Jessica Marie Hann) and the children’s mother, Krissy Lynn Werntz, in a Motel 6 in Portland, Maine, with a 1-month old son, named Jason, who was found to have numerous broken ribs, bleeding under his skull and other internal injuries, according to the prosecution. The state placed this child with foster parents, who eventually adopted him.

Witness Jennifer Bloom, an employee of Maine’s Department of Human Services, testified she and a colleague were sent to check on the new baby’s welfare, and Hann admitted to being involved with the deaths of his two other children.

“He said he was responsible for both deaths. He didn’t provide a lot of detail. He said, ‘I fell and blacked out with the baby,'” Bloom said. She added Hann said he felt guilty about the deaths, and felt he had to keep moving to evade police

The body of the couple’s first child, who also was named Jason, was found similarly wrapped in trash bags inside a rubber container, in a storage locker in Lake Havasu City, Ariz. He was 6 weeks old when he died.

Jason Hann (Jessica Marie Hann) was extradited to California in 2009 to be tried for Montana’s death, and it took four years for the death-penalty case to make its way through the system and into opening arguments.

DiMaria explained to the jury the two boys would be referred to as “Jason One” and “Jason Two” during the course of the trial to differentiate between them, though the surviving boy also may be called by his adoptive name, Michael.

Almost all witnesses are being flown in from out of state, due to the couple’s frequent relocations.

Testimony is expected to end next week.

Werntz, Montana’s mother, is facing a murder charge and was originally scheduled to be tried at the same time as Hann, but family medical problems have postponed her trial, DiMaria said.


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Jessica Marie Hann Women On Death Row

Jessica Marie Hann More News

Documents just filed in Marin County, California show Jason Michael Hann is now known as Jessica Marie Hann, and is now a female “to match my gender identity.”

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Health Care Communications Chief Liz Gransee said as of February 2019, “10 patients statewide have been approved for gender-affirming surgery.” Due to HIPPA guidelines, she could not comment on specific inmates.

Hann’s changing mugshots reflect his transition from male to female, the gender now indicated on her birth certificate.

“Senate Bill 310 allows a state prisoner or county jail inmate the right to petition a court to obtain a name or gender change,” said CDCR Deputy Press Secretary Terry Thornton. “SB 310 requires CDCR to use the new name of the person who obtains a name change and to list the prior name only as an alias. CDCR updated Hann’s records and made notification to the victim on file on Feb. 14.”

On Feb. 21, 2014, an Indio judge sentenced then 40 year old Jason Hann to death for killing his 10 month old daughter, named Montana, in 2001. At the time, Hann and Montana’s mother, Krissy Lynn Werntz, now 39, were living in Desert Hot Springs.

Montana’s body was found in a Tupperware container wrapped in a plastic trash bag in an abandoned storage trailer the couple had left in Arkansas. The couple was arrested in Portland, Maine, where they were living with another son, who was suffering from life threatening injuries. That son was taken into foster care and later adopted.

The couple’s arrest led authorities to find the body of a second infant in a trailer in Arizona. Authorities determined that 2 month old boy had been killed before their daughter Montana, at some point when the couple was living in Vermont.

Hann was convicted 1st in Vermont, and extradited to Indio, where a jury recommended the death penalty.

“These kids never had a chance at life so it was more than deserved, and I think he tried to cover up the crime as well,” said alternate juror Bob Price.

“The Eighth Amendment of the US Constitution requires that prisons provide medically necessary treatment for inmates’ medical needs, ” said Thornton. California was the 1st state to pay for prisoner’s sex reassignment surgery.

Hann in still in custody at San Quentin, which is a male-only facility, and she is allowed personal property items in accordance with her gender identity, such as a bra, hair rollers, or makeup.

Werntz was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for her role in Montana’s death. She is housed at Chowchilla, but some part of her case is being heard Friday in Indio.

Hann’s attorney did not return a call for comment.

Jessica Marie Hann FAQ

Jessica Marie Hann 2021

Jessica Marie Hann is currently incarcerated at the Central California Women’s Facility the home of California Death Row for Women

Why Is Jessica Marie Hann On Death Row

Jessica Marie Hann was convicted of murdering her two children and attempting to murder another one

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  1. The STATE PRISON PAID FOR the gender reassignment surgery!?!? Isn’t that tax payers’ $$$? Changed his sex just to kill him. Good grief. At least HE won’t be participating in their demonic story time with the children.

  2. The state pays for gender reassignment surgery. The “Transgender Respect agency and Dignity act” has allowed Hann, a death row inmate, to transfer to CCWF, where Krissy Werntz is serving her sentence. He is currently under observation until staff deems it appropriate to release him him into women’s general population. Many women are waiting in an absolute state of terror for their ex husbands,abusers, codefendants to walk into their housing unit.

  3. Maybe one of these ole days that movie scene El become reality and California, the embarrassment of the USA, will slide off into the ocean of great whites, all Dems and Hollywood politicians finally in receipt of their commupence.

    Wouldn’t that be nice to hear on morning radio?? Oh, yeah…..

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