Women On Death Row

Christa Pike Women On Death Row

Christa Pike Women On Death Row

Christa Pike was a very young woman who would take part in a brutal crime that would leave another young woman dead and Christa sentenced to die. According to court documents Christa Pike was part of Job Corps when a rivalry began with the victim which would end with Christa Pike smashing her head in with a rock. Christa Pike would be charged and convicted and sentenced to death row in Tennessee

Christa Pike 2022 Information

christa pike 2022


TOMIS ID: 00261368
Birth Date: 03/10/1976
Race: W
Sex: F

Supervision Status: INCARCERATED
Location: TPFW
Sentence Begin: 03/30/1996
Sentence End:  

Christa Pike Other News

Christa Pike felt like talking.

Pike became jealous of 19-year-old Colleen Slemmer, who she thought was trying to “steal” her boyfriend from her; friends of Slemmer deny the accusations. Along with friend Shadolla Peterson, 18, Pike planned to lure Slemmer to an isolated, abandoned steam plant near the University of Tennessee campus.

On January 12, 1995, Pike, Shipp, Peterson, and Slemmer signed out of the dormitory and proceeded to the woods, where Slemmer was told they wanted to make peace by offering her some marijuana.Upon arrival at the secluded location, Slemmer was attacked by Pike and Shipp while Peterson acted as lookout. Per later court testimony, for the next thirty minutes Slemmer was taunted, beaten, and slashed, and a pentagram was carved in her chest.Finally, Pike smashed Slemmer’s skull with a large chunk of asphalt, killing her. Pike kept a piece of her victim’s skull.

Pike began to show off the piece of skull around the school, and within thirty-six hours the three were arrested. The log book showed that the four of them left together and only three returned. They also found the piece of skull in Pike’s jacket pocket. The girls’ rooms were searched and a copy of the Satanic Bible was found in Shipp’s. Pike insisted they were merely trying to scare her and it got out of control.

Christa Pike More News

A federal judge has refused to overturn the death sentence for Tennessee’s only female condemned prisoner.

Christa Gail Pike is one of Tennessee’s most notorious prisoners, garnering headlines for the trouble she has caused while on death row.

In a written ruling issued Friday, U.S. District Court Judge Harry S. Mattice Jr. said the 40-year-old inmate failed to show that her constitutional rights were violated during her 1996 trial when she was sentenced to death.

Pike, who is originally from West Virginia, was 18 years old when she tortured and murdered a fellow Job Corps student on the University of Tennessee’s agricultural campus in 1995, according to authorities.

Prosecutors said she killed Colleen Slemmer because the student was a rival for her boyfriend’s affections.

Slemmer was just 19 years old when Pike, boyfriend Tadaryl Shipp and friend Shadolla Peterson lured the victim to a remote area on the agricultural campus.

In his written ruling, Mattice cited chilling details from the crime that had been detailed in a Tennessee Supreme Court opinion issued in 1998. Pike told authorities that, armed with a box cutter and miniature meat cleaver, she beat and repeatedly slashed Slemmer as the teen begged for her life. The girl’s partially clothed body was discovered the following day. Someone had carved a pentagram into her chest.

“This is not a case where (Pike’s) conviction was only weakly supported by the record,” Mattice wrote.

Pike’s lawyers had argued that her prior attorneys were ineffective at trial and should have presented more evidence of mitigating circumstances in the case. They challenged the decision to allow cameras in the courtroom before the trial, resulting in widespread publicity of the case before a jury could be seated. They also raised questions about whether her attorney had a conflict because he asked Pike to sign media rights away to her story. The lawyer, according to the opinion, said he wanted to write a book telling Pike’s side, but never did.

Pike’s new defense also said she should not be put to death because she has organic brain injury, bi-polar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. After Pike’s conviction, a neurologist would later say that the frontal lobes in Pike’s brain are not put together properly. That portion of the brain, the doctor testified, regulates the ability to make moral and ethical decisions.

It’s not clear if Pike will appeal the ruling. The inmate’s attorney did not respond to messages seeking comment.

Pike made headlines in 2012 after a guard and a New Jersey man plotted to break her out of prison. While on death row in 2001, she tried to strangle another female inmate to death with a shoe string after a fire was started at the Tennessee Prison for Women. She was later convicted of the attempted murder of the inmate.

Judge refuses to overturn Christa Pike’s death sentence

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Christa Pike is currently incarcerated at the Tennessee Prison For Women the home of death row for women for the state

Why Is Christa Pike On Death Row

Christa Pike was convicted in the beating death of a young woman

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  1. Unfortunately, taking Christa’s life won’t bring back Colleen back. That being said – I believe Christa deserves the death penalty. Her death will be much more peaceful than what Colleen endured at the hands of Christa. I could go on and on about the costs to tax payers, etc. The end fact is she intentionally took a life – she now has to give hers.

  2. The death penalty does not save tax dollars. With the cost of appeals, attorneys, and the long drawn out process it costs more. Most death sentences involve years of appeals with experts testifying and additional lawyers. Its not cost effective.

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