Women On Death Row

Janeen Snyder Women On Death Row

Janeen Snyder Women On Death Row

Janeen Snyder may look like the girl next door but do not let her looks fool you as this young woman along with her boyfriend kidnapped sexually assaulted and murdered a teen girl. Janeen Snyder who would also confess to the murder of a another missing teenager would be sentenced to death in California and sent to death row

Janeen Snyder 2021 Information

CDCR NumberX20232
Admission Date09/13/2006
Current LocationCentral California Women’s Facility
Location LinkDirections
Parole Eligible Date (Month/Year)CONDEMNED

Janeen Snyder Other News

A California couple were charged Thursday with the torture and slaying of a 16-year-old Las Vegas girl, a crime that prosecutors called “eligible for the death penalty.”

Michael Thornton, 45, and Janeen Snyder, 21, both of Rialto, Calif., were charged with first-degree murder with special circumstances in the rape and torture slaying of Western High School student Michelle Curran, who was reported missing earlier this month.

“We believe the facts are sufficient to support that this murder occurred while she was being tortured and raped,” said Michael Rushton, a deputy Riverside County (Calif.) district attorney. “Although a formal decision has not been reached, the special circumstances makes this case eligible for the death penalty.”

Michelle Curran was found dead Sunday, shot in the head and hidden in a horse trailer on a ranch in Rubidoux, a rural area of Riverside County, said Sgt. Mark Lohman, a Riverside County Sheriff’s Office spokesman.

Thornton and Janeen Snyder have been in the Riverside County jail since April 17 on burglary charges after a property owner came home and saw two people running from her land. Deputies arrested the pair on the property and found a large amount of blood in a stable’s tack room, Lohman said.

Deputies knew a more serious crime than burglary occurred because of the blood, but no victim was found. Police also found Curran’s identification inside the pair’s GMC Suburban.

California authorities ran a computer check on Curran and found that she was listed as missing/runaway from Las Vegas. On Sunday, the property owner found Curran’s body inside the horse trailer, Lohman said.

Curran was last seen April 4 walking to school and was reported missing to Metro Police the next day.

Riverside County and Metro Police are still trying to determine if Curran was a runaway or kidnapped and taken to California. Police don’t know where Curran met Thornton and Janeen Snyder, but all three were seen in a Riverside County park campground.

“People saw them together and there wasn’t anything that alerted them that there was a problem,” Lohman said.

Candy Curran, the victim’s mother, said her daughter wasn’t a runaway. She didn’t leave the house with money or clothing. Curran said she believes her daughter was snatched off the street.

“She didn’t know who they were,” she said. “She threw her ID in their truck because she knew what was going on. Do you think they would keep that in there?”

Metro Police don’t have any indication at this point she was kidnapped, said Sgt. Dan McGrath of the missing persons unit.

“Can I say 100 percent she wasn’t kidnapped? No.” McGrath said. “At any point we determine a crime (kidnapping) was committed here, we will go forward with charges against these suspects.”

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Janeen Snyder Photos

Janeen Snyder, X-20232
Michael Thornton, F-41306

Janeen Snyder FAQ

Janeen Snyder 2021

Janeen Snyder is currently incarcerated at the Central California Women’s Facility the home of California Death Row For Women

Why Is Janeen Snyder On Death Row

Janeen Snyder was convicted of the sexual assault and murder of a teenage girl

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  1. 3rd pic of the girl grimacing with the out-of-focus water-bottle is Toni Fratto, not Janeen. In 2011 Fratto and her boyfriend Kody Patton killed Micaela Costanzo, who was Patton’s ex. They’re both currently serving life in NV.

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