Maryanne Cazares and Tyler Jones Charged In Infant Fentanyl Overdose

Maryanne Cazares Tyler Jones

Maryanne Cazares and Tyler Jones are a couple from Riverbank California who have been charged with murder after an eighteen month old infant died from a Fentanyl overdose. According to police reports 911 was called regarding an infant was nonresponsive. When ambulance attendants arrived at the scene they found the eighteen month old boy not breathing. The child was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced deceased.

Maryanne Cazares and Tyler Jones were brought in for questioning and they admitted to falling asleep while the toddler was crawling around the home. An autopsy would determine the child died from a Fentanyl overdose and Maryanne Cazares and Tyler Jones were charged with murder.

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A mother and her boyfriend in Riverbank were arrested Thursday in connection with the fentanyl overdose death of the mother’s 18-month-old child, a spokesperson for the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputies were called to a trailer park in the 5900 block of Newbrook Circle on Dec. 16 just after 1 p.m. for a call about a boy who wasn’t breathing.

Because of the age of the child and what deputies observed at the scene, the major crimes unit was also called to respond, Sgt. Erich Layton with the sheriff’s office said.

They authorized a search warrant of the home and found narcotics, drug paraphernalia and fentanyl. Authorities believe the drugs were accessible to the child.

The mother, 25-year-old Maryanne Cazares and her 31-year-old boyfriend Tyler Jones were transported to the sheriff’s office for questioning.

During the interview, both admitted to falling asleep while the child was playing on the floor. Jones also admitted that he hid the drugs before law enforcement arrived, according to the sheriff’s office.

An autopsy was performed on the child and the coroner confirmed the 18-month-old died of a fentanyl overdose. He had a lethal amount of it in his blood and gastric contents.

On Thursday, the mother was called to the sheriff’s office and arrested, and the boyfriend was pulled over while riding a bicycle in Oakdale and arrested.

The mother also has a 5-year-old girl who was out of state at the time. The sheriff’s office called local law enforcement there to do a welfare check and found she had drug paraphernalia on her, too. That girl is now in the custody of relatives.

Both the mother and boyfriend were charged with homicide in connection with the 18-month-old and child abuse for the 5-year-old.

It is unknown if the boyfriend was the father of either child.

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