Jayveyon Burley Throws 1 Year Old Daughter Off Bridge

Jayveyon Burley

Jayveyon Burley is a man from California who has been charged with murder after throwing his one year old daughter off of a bridge. According to police reports Jayveyon Burley was arrested after the body of his one year old daughter Leilani Dream Burley was found dead in a river.

The chain of events started when Leilani mother phoned police to tell them that her daughter was missing. apparently Jayveyon Burley had picked up his two children earlier in the night to go to his mother’s residence however only arrived with one child. A police search would find the body of the little girl below the Ocean Boulevard Bridge in the LA River. Jayveyon Burley has been charged with murder and child endangerment.

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A man is in police custody after his daughter was found dead in the Los Angeles River.

The Inglewood Police Department began an investigation late Sunday night after a woman called to report a missing person.

Around 10:45 p.m., police arrived at the woman’s home on the 300 block of N. Market Street where they contacted the grandmother of a 1-year-old girl who was missing.

The woman told police that her 22-year-old son, Jayveyon Burley, went to Long Beach to pick up his two children from their mother. When he returned to their home in Inglewood, only one of the children was with him.

On Monday, Inglewood police, working alongside the Long Beach Police Department, recovered the remains Leilani Dream Burley from the Los Angeles River, just below the Ocean Boulevard Bridge in Long Beach.

Jayveon Burley was immediately arrested and booked into the Inglewood Police Department Jail where awaits charges of murder and child endangerment.

His bail is set at $215,000, according to inmate records. Officials say he is due in court on Wednesday.

Lynisha Hull is the mother of Leilani. She said that Jayveyon Burley had never hurt either of their children and was always very overprotective of them. She said his actions have left her shocked and confused.

“She was so full of life,” Hull said Tuesday. “She loved music, books, she loved to dance, she loved giving high fives.”

Anyone with information about the case is urged to contact Inglewood homicide detectives at 310-412-5246. Anonymous tips can be made through the 24-hour tip line at 888-412-7463


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A 22-year-old father in California is behind bars this week after his 1-year-old daughter was found dead in the Los Angeles River. Jayveyon Burley was taken into custody on Tuesday and charged with one count of murder and one count of child endangerment in the death of Leilani Dream Burleyrecords reviewed by Law&Crime show.

According to a report from Los Angeles ABC affiliate KABC-TV, a woman later identified as Burley’s mother on Sunday evening called 911 at approximately 10:45 p.m. to report a possible missing child. She reportedly told the emergency dispatcher that the father, Burley, went to Long Beach to pick up his two children from their mother and bring them to the residence he shared with his mother in Inglewood. When he arrived home, however, he was reportedly only accompanied by one child

Officers with the Inglewood Police Department (IPD) responded to the residence, located in the 300 block of N. Market Street where they made contact with the victim’s grandmother and began searching for the missing child.

The IPD, working alongside officers with the Long Beach Police Department, discovered the little girl’s remains in the area shallow water just below the Ocean Boulevard Bridge in the LA River, according to a report from San Diego Fox affiliate KSWB-TV.

While authorities have not released details regarding the manner in which they believe Burley killed his daughter, Lynisha Hull, the child’s mother, provided additional information about the circumstances of Leilani’s death in an interview with KABC. Hull said that Burley appeared upset when he picked up their children, but that his behavior wasn’t anything she found concerning.

“He came to my home to pick up my kids,” an emotional Hull said through tears. “He was angry at the time but normal though. He was normal. He didn’t look like he was panicked or anything at all.”

She reportedly said that Jayveon Burley failed to put the 1-year-old in her carseat when loading the kids into the car. Hull reportedly said she then strapped the child into her carseat and watched as Burley drove off “erratically,” stopping and starting the vehicle several times.

Hull further claimed that her daughter’s body was found in the LA River because Burley tossed her off of a bridge.

“My daughter was murdered by her father. He threw her off the bridge,” Hull told the station. “I don’t understand. Why would he do this to my daughter? I don’t understand. How can a father do this to their own child?”

Hull’s 3-year-old son was unharmed. The distraught mother reportedly said that the little boy keeps asking where his sister is, a question she said she has no answer for.

Inglewood PD urged anyone with information relevant to the case to contact investigators at 310-412-5246.

Burley is no stranger to run-ins with the law. He was arrested in 2018 after he and two accomplices allegedly robbed a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver at gunpoint, according to a report from the Daily Press.

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