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Ike Souzer Teen Killer Murders Mother

Ike Souzer

Ike Souzer is a teen killer who was just thirteen years old when he stabbed his mother to death in California. According to court documents Ike Souzer would stab his mother. Barbara Scheuer-Souzer. multiple times in Garden City California. Before she died Barbara Scheuer-Souzer would identify her attacker as her own son. Ike Souzer would be sentenced as a juvenile however he would make news twice in the last five years with an escape from a secure juvenile detention center when he was fifteen years old and fleeing from a halfway house in April 2022. Ike Souzer would be recaptured after both escapes.

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Ike Souzer More News

An 18-year-old convicted of voluntary manslaughter after he stabbed his mother when he was 13, and already escaped from Orange County Juvenile Hall, is once again on the loose, with the Orange County District Attorney calling him a dangerous and violent criminal.

The Orange County District Attorney released a brief warning to the public Friday, saying Ike Souzer was released to a Santa Ana halfway house, but cut off his electronic monitor.

Souzer had been at the Theo Lacy Facility in Orange.

The public announcement said Souzer was “at large after being released on electronic monitoring.”

The DA warned anyone who comes into contact with Souzer should call 911.

The DA also said Souzer was convicted of attacking three correctional officers in December.

He was ordered to wear an electronic monitor for the rest of his sentence. It was set to expire on July 9, 2023 before he went missing from the halfway house.

He is described as being 6 feet tall and weighing 200 pounds, according to inmate records

He was convicted of voluntary manslaughter in the 2017 death of his mother in Garden Grove.

Someone called and reported that they had seen Barbara Scheuer-Souzer suffering stab wounds in her stomach in front of the home in the 11000 block of Gilbert Street, Garden Grove police said at the time.

She told officers she had been attacked by her 13-year-old son.

She was taken to the hospital but later died that night, police said.

He was found at a shopping center a half mile away shortly after Scheuer-Souzer was found injured.

In 2019, Souzer was taken back into custody after he escaped from juvenile hall in Orange in the middle of the night.

He escaped from a locked housing unit and scaled a barbed-wire fence, officials said at the time.

He was found the next day at a McDonald’s.

According to inmate records, he was released to the halfway house April 13, 2022, and was  to be monitored electronically, but he escaped on the same day.

The DA did not provide any other comments when NBCLA reached out.


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