Leticia McCormack Charged With Murder Of 11 Year Old Girl

Leticia McCormack
Leticia McCormack

Leticia McCormack a leader at the Rock Church in San Diego California has been charged with the murder of her eleven year old adopted daughter. According to police reports Leticia McCormack along with her parents Stanley and Adella Tom have been charged with murder, torture and wilfully torture of a child. Authorities would go to Leticia McCormack home where they found the eleven year old girl, Arabella McCormack, in distress. Arabella McCormack was rushed to the hospital however would die from her injuries in the proceeding days. The little girl was suffering from severe malnutrition and covered in bruises. When police were questioning Leticia McCormack husband Brian McCormack the man would commit suicide. Needless to say Leticia McCormack has been suspended by the Rock Church.

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Leticia McCormack, a leader at Rock Church in San Diego, founded and led by former NFL player Miles McPherson, was booked in jail Monday on a charge of murder, three counts of torture, and three counts of willful cruelty to a child in the death of Arabella McCormack, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office reported.

Arabella was initially fostered before being adopted by Brian and Leticia McCormack, officials said.

The 49-year-old church elder’s father, Stanley Tom, 75, was also charged with murder, three counts of torture, and three counts of willful cruelty to a child, according to a news release from the department. Arabella’s grandmother Adella Tom, 70, was booked on three counts of torture and three counts of willful cruelty to a child.

McCormack’s leadership profile has since been removed from the church’s website.

On Aug. 30, deputies responded to a child-in-distress call at a home in Spring Valley, in the eastern part of the county, where they found Arabella, according to the news release .

The 11-year-old was rushed to a hospital, where her health declined and she died, officials reported, according to the release. Detectives said they suspected child abuse.

The girl was covered in bruises and had suffered “severe levels of malnourishment,” a police spokesperson told The San Diego Union-Tribune.

During the investigation, deputies contacted the girl’s father, Brian McCormack, near the family’s home. According to the release, he died by suicide in their presence.

Arabella had two sisters, ages 6 and 7, the release says, who are now living with a foster family.

On Thursday afternoon, a Rock Church spokesperson told USA TODAY that Leticia McCormack began volunteering with the Rock Church in 2013 and has helped in various capacities, including administrative tasks and helping coordinate events and other ministry activities. 

The spokesperson also said that her ordination at Rock Church was previously suspended and as of Thursday was in the process of being revoked.

The church also released the following statement to USA TODAY:

“We continue to grieve for Arabella and her sisters. We are so sorry that their family and friends are experiencing this unimaginable loss and pain.  We send our deepest condolences to all that are grieving at this time.  Our hearts go out to each of them.  

The legal process will run its course and we hope justice for Arabella and her sisters will be served. We are praying that God’s love and grace will bring comfort and healing. 

The Rock no longer has any official relationship with Leticia.”

The sheriff’s department could not immediately be reached by USA TODAY Thursday.


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