Leo Boatman Sentenced To Death In Florida

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Leo Boatman was sentenced to death by the State of Florida for the murder of a fellow inmate. According to court documents Leo Boatman and William Wells would stab to death William Chapman at Florida State Prison. Now Leo Boatman was in prison for the murders of two people when he was just twenty years old. Then a few years later Leo Boatman would murder a fellow inmate who would die a month after suffering horrific injuries from a beating. Now Leo Boatman has been sentenced to death for yet another murder

Leo Boatman 2022 Information

leo boatman 2022
DC Number:129327
Birth Date:07/20/1986
Initial Receipt Date:07/30/2007
Current Custody:CLOSE
Current Release Date:SENTENCED TO DEATH

Leo Boatman More News

A man convicted of murder in Bradford County has been sentenced to death for a 2019 murder.

Leo Boatman of Pinellas County is now slated to be executed.

Prosecutors say Boatman and another man, William Edward Wells the 3rd, were responsible for killing fellow inmate William Chapman.

Wells was sentenced to life.

Boatman was previously sentenced to life in prison for killing 2 Santa Fe College students in the Ocala National Forest in 2006.

He was also sentenced to an additional 7 years for the attempted murder of a prison inmate in Dixie County in 2010, and 15 more years for 3rd degree murder in Charlotte County in 2013.


Leo Boatman Other News

 A Florida man who was convicted of killing two college students and an inmate in 2010 has now been convicted of a fourth murder — the brutal stabbing of Billy Chapman in 2019.

This time, Leo Boatman could face the death penalty. 

Boatman was convicted by a jury, but he has waived his right to have the jury decide his sentence. Instead, his lawyer has asked that a judge decid

Boatman has not faced the death penalty before.

Boatman has said that he “wanted to be a serial killer.”

Chapman was a fellow inmate of Boatman’s. He was set to be released in less than a year when Boatman and William Wells, a killer who carries the moniker ‘The Monster of Mayport,’ strangled and stabbed him.

“I’ve never, never seen anything like that,” a state employee who saw the video of the attack told First Coast News at the time. “They had his body pinned up against the door. They were stabbing everywhere. They stabbed his torso multiple times.” 

Wells, Boatman’s accomplice, has been given a death sentence. Prior to Chapman’s death, he was convicted of killing five people at his home in Mayport, including his wife.

The first case Boatman was convicted in was in 2006, when he killed Sante Fe college students Amber M. Peck and John M. Parker with an AK-47 rifle while they were camping in the Ocala National Forest, as reported by news outlets at the time. Boatman has said that he “wanted to be a serial killer.” 


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