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Rachael Mullenix was sixteen when she was arrested for the murder of her mother in California. According to court documents Rachael Mullenix was upset that her mother wanted to end the relationship with her daughters boyfriend Ian Allen. The mothers body would be found floating in the bay near Newport Harbour Yacht Club and she had been stabbed over fifty times and stuffed into a cardboard box.

Rachel Mullenix and Ian Allen had fled the state and would be arrested in Louisiana. Rachael told the jury that her boyfriend had murdered her mother and she was shocked when she walked into the brutal murder however she would be convicted of murder and this teen killer would be sentenced to twenty five years to life in prison

Rachael Mullenix 2020 Information

CDCR NumberX34327
Admission Date11/03/2008
Current LocationCentral California Women’s Facility
Location LinkDirections
Parole Eligible Date (Month/Year)12/2026

Rachael Mullenix Other News

A Huntington Beach teen convicted of the brutal slaying of her mother again proclaimed her innocence today, telling an Orange County judge she never could have committed such a crime.

“She was my life. To have someone say I stabbed her really affects me because I didn’t,” 19-year-old Rachael Mullenix told Superior Court Judge David A. Thompson. “My mom is my heart. Every day without her is a struggle … I did not do this to my mom.”

Moments later, Thompson sentenced Rachel Mullenix to 25 years to life for the Sept. 13, 2006 slaying of Barbara Mullenix – whose body was discovered floating in Newport Bay with a butter knife embedded in her right eye.

Earlier, Thompson denied the teen’s motion for a new trial.

The crime made headlines when the body of Barbara Mullenix was pulled from the waters near Newport Harbor Yacht Club a day after the murder. The woman had been stabbed more than 50 times and stuffed in a cardboard box. Investigators deduced she had been killed the night before in her Huntington Beach home – where she lived with Rachael Mullenix.

Rachel Mullenix, who has no prior criminal record, and her boyfriend, Ian Allen, were arrested in Louisiana a few days later. Deputy District Attorney Sonia Balleste prosecuted them both for murder, arguing the couple thought the mother was interfering in their relationship.

At the sentencing, Mullenix cried as her father said he loved his daughter and believed she wasn’t a murderer.

“She didn’t do this,” said Bruce Mullenix. “I will never stop supporting her for the rest of my life.”

After the hearing, Balleste said the sentence wasn’t stiff enough.

“She’s an expert manipulator who is a danger to our society,” the prosecutor said. “She should never be let out.”

Rachel Mullenix was convicted in July. She testified Allen was the sole murderer, and that she was shocked when she walked in on the attack. She claimed she tried to pull Allen off her mother, but that he pushed her away. She told jurors she cleaned up the crime scene and helped dispose of her mother’s body because she was scared of Allen – whom she accused of kidnapping her.

The teen’s trial testimony echoed her statement in court today.She told jurors she loved her mother, whom she called “her best friend.”

But in her diaries, which were used by the prosecution as evidence, Rachel Mullenix repeatedly wrote that she hated her mother.

Allen, who was convicted during a separate trial last month, also claimed innocence. His defense was that Rachael Mullenix was the murderer, and that he had shouldered the blame out of love. Jurors in his trial were as unconvinced as those in Mullenix’s trial, convicting him of first-degree murder.

Allen, who also faces 25 years to life in prison, will be sentenced Nov. 14.

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It’s impossible for Huntington Beach teenager Rachael Mullenix to have reacted more bitterly to her mother’s 1 a.m. curfew, especially after she bragged she’d discovered how to use sex to manipulate men.

In September 2006, Rachael, then 17, and her 21-year-old boyfriend, Ian Allen, used three or four knives to stab Barbara Mullenix more than 50 times and then dumped the corpse in Newport Harbor near Corona del Mar with a butter knife protruding from an eye socket, according to police reports.

From her new home–a prison cell at Chowchilla’s Central California Women’s Facility, Rachel Mullenix continues to insist she is innocent of a murder committed solely by Allen, and that both Orange County homicide prosecutor Sonia Balleste and an inept defense lawyer robbed her of a fair trial.

According to Rachael, Balleste didn’t just improperly inflame the jury but she also presented “a deliberate distortion of evidence” while her counsel failed to make key objections.

Besides, she argued, Balleste should have been softer on the defense given her youth.

It is true the prosecutor called the defendant “a vampire” during the trial, argued it was “impossible” only one person inflicted all the stab wounds even though her own forensic expert witness had testified otherwise, and won on the record rebukes from the judge, David Thompson.

But federal magistrate Judge Jacqueline Chooljian studied the complaint in depth and noted critical, incriminating evidence: After the duo was arrested fleeing in Louisiana, cops placed them in a police vehicle, secretly turned on a recording device and left them alone.

Rachel Mullenix can be heard reminding her boyfriend to take the fall and urging him to claim he’d kidnapped her after the killing.

Law enforcement also recovered text messages Rachael sent Allen in the hours before the attack on Barbara, including, “Ian, I don’t care what I have to do in order to be with you! Nothing is going to take you away from me.”

Chooljian concluded Balleste’s conduct did not sabotage due process rights and that Rachael’s lawyer hadn’t committed malpractice in her defense.

This month, U.S. District Court Judge Manuel L. Real accepted Chooljian’s findings and closed the case.

Upshot: Rachael, now 25, will continue serving her 25 years to life punishment.

Allen earned the same sentence and lives in a California State Prison cell at Centinela.

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rachael mullenix photos
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Rachel Mullenix More News

Rachel Mullenix and Ian Allen, of Huntington Beach, California, fancied themselves star-crossed lovers when they fell in together in 2006. Mullenix, 17, had moved to the beach community a year before with her parents, Barbara and Bruce, from Oklahoma. The parents had recently divorced, but were living together while Barbara tried to get on her feet financially.  

Bruce and Barbara had given a grudging OK to underage Rachel’s relationship with the 21-year-old Allen; they even provided Rachel’s older beau with a signed note indicating that they assented to the relationship. But as the young couple started spending more and more time together, Barbara tried to tighten the leash on her daughter, according to “Killer Couples” on Oxygen

Rachel Mullenix began to believe that drastic measures had to be taken if she were to stay with her Romeo.

On Sept. 13 of that year, Barbara’s horribly brutalized body would be found floating in the water by the Newport Harbor Yacht Club. She was wrapped in a sheet and had a butter knife sticking out of an eye socket; almost the entire blade was embedded deep in her skull. 

“My breath was taken away by the brutality,” Newport Beach Detective Sgt. David Byington told “Killer Couples” producers. “It was obvious that this murder was vicious.” 

Investigators didn’t have an ID for the body at first, let alone a suspect. However, the 56-year-old woman’s breast implants and their serial number finally got them a name. They headed to the condo she shared with Bruce and Rachel, figuring the best place to start would be with her husband. 

No one was at the apartment, but police saw enough to guess that the woman had almost surely been murdered there. Although a clean-up had obviously been attempted, bloodstains were still visible in the bedroom. Also, the kitchen was stocked with the very same kind of knife that was found sticking out of Barbara’s eye. Immediately, Bruce became the top suspect. 

There was no sign of Bruce or his daughter, however. That is, until Bruce himself walked up to a detective standing outside and introduced himself — he wanted to know why his home was suddenly a crime scene.

Bruce behaved oddly when told that his ex-wife was dead, authorities told “Killer Couples.” When officers told him, he remained “stone-faced” until he was informed that Rachel Mullenix was also missing. Then, he came alive with concern.

Still, he was their prime suspect at the moment, and he was brought to the station while detectives executed a search warrant on his car. They found nothing and Bruce’s alibi — he was at a business trip in Fresno at the time of the murder — checked out.  

Investigators’ next task was finding Rachel — and Allen, who Bruce had filled them in on. Detectives worried that the girl’s older boyfriend could be the murderer and Rachel could be being held against her will or worse. Authorities put out a nationwide all-points bulletin, which yielded a sighting in Louisiana. 

When local law enforcement pulled over Allen’s truck, Rachel ran screaming from it, detectives told “Killer Couples.” When both the lovers were in custody and separated, Rachel told detectives a story they didn’t quite believe, about her boyfriend murdering her mother and kidnapping her. 

Investigators had already seen surveillance footage from inside a convenience store shortly after Barbara was likely murdered, and Rachel was not acting like an abductee. She appeared to be moving about freely, and investigators observed plenty of opportunities for her to escape, were she being held hostage. She acted like Allen’s girlfriend. 

Police interview footage obtained by “Killer Couples” shows Rachel’s performance start to break down when investigators push back on her story. 

“I didn’t kill my mom. I want my mom,” she tearfully repeats. 

Meanwhile, in another interview room, Allen was ready to come clean.  

“He felt genuine remorse,” Byington said, recalling how Allen painted investigators a very different picture of his relationship with Rachel. 

Allen told investigators that Rachel Mullenix fed him false stories about her mother abusing her and warned him that Barbara was going to get him fired somehow. Soon, Barbara did indeed threaten to call the police if Allen didn’t leave her daughter alone. Then, Rachel found herself grounded for missing her 1 a.m. curfew, according to the Los Angeles Times. That was the last straw, according to Allen, prompting Rachel’s plan to run away.

“I lost it,” he told investigators, telling them that he took Rachel’s advice that the only way to fix the situation was to kill Barbara. That night, Allen entered the Mullenix home through the back door, he told investigators. He grabbed two knives from the kitchen and was shaking so badly that it took him an hour to make it upstairs to Barbara’s bedroom. 

There, the two attacked Barbara together, prosecutors alleged, stabbing her 52 times. Allen horrifyingly described to investigators how he intended the butter-knife wound to be a killing blow, but it only made Barbara scream louder. 

The way the knife slid under Barbara’s eyeball and into her skull would have caused “excruciating pain,” authorities told “Killer Couples.” 

Allen tried to minimize Rachel’s involvement in his confession, but when the case went to trial, prosecutors painted her as the clear mastermind of the killing. 

Prosecutor Sonia Balleste called Rachel a sociopath, who she believed wasn’t “capable of feeling anything at all,” the Los Angeles Times reported. 

After four days of deliberations, a jury convicted her and sentenced her to 25 years to life. Allen was later also convicted of first-degree murder and received the same sentence. 

Rachel Mullenix filed an appeal of her conviction in 2010, alleging prosecutorial misconduct, but the conviction was upheld, according to court documents.

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