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Belinda Miller Crashes Car Over Missing Item

Belinda Miller GEorgia

Belinda Miller is a woman from Georgia who went to her local Popeye’s restaurant and when she found out that they forgot to include the biscuits with her order she would drive her vehicle into the restaurant. According to police reports Belinda Miller went to the Popeyes location on Walton Way in Augusta Georgia. Brenda would order her food and would discover there was no biscuits with her order. After a very loud argument the manager at Popeyes fixed the mistake and Miller would leave the restaurant.

However once she was out in the parking lot Belinda Miller would drive her SUV into Popeyes nearly hitting an eighteen year old employee. Miller would continue to drive her SUV into the restaurant until she was finally stopped by debris. The police were called and Belinda Miller would drive her SUV home where police found her and would arrest her. Belinda Miller has been charged with irst-degree criminal damage to property and aggravated assault.

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Georgia woman allegedly drove her vehicle into a Popeyes restaurant on purpose after biscuits were mistakenly left out of her order, according to officials.

Belinda H. Miller, 50, was charged with first-degree criminal damage to property and aggravated assault.

Deputies with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office were called to the Popeyes location on Walton Way in Augusta after receiving reports of an accident with injuries

The store’s manager told police Miller became angry when she discovered no biscuits with her order and that she then drove her SUV into a restaurant entrance.

The manager said the restaurant corrected the mistake and gave her the biscuits prior to the crash. The manager also said the woman threatened staff before the incident, including calling the store and threatening to drive her car into the building

Belinda Miller nearly struck an 18-year-old employee with her vehicle when she crashed into the store. She continued driving into the store until her vehicle was stopped by debris, according to arrest warrants.

The woman fled the scene after crashing into the restaurant and headed south on Gordon Highway. Her SUV was later found at her home with damage to the front.

The woman was booked into the Charles B. Webster Detention Center on Wednesday and given a bond of more than $4,000, although it is unclear if she remains in custody.

Georgia woman intentionally crashes vehicle into Popeyes over missing biscuits (

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