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tiffany cole

Tiffany Cole

Tiffany Cole Death Sentence Overturned

Tiffany Cole is no longer on Florida Death Row as at her resentencing hearing the jury voted 10 -2 that her crimes did not warrant the death penalty Tiffany Cole was convicted of the murders of her neighbors James and Carol Sumner. According to court documents Tiffany Cole would go to her former neighbors home asking to use the telephone. When she was granted access… Read More »Tiffany Cole Death Sentence Overturned

alan wade

Alan Wade Florida Death Row

Alan Wade was sentenced to death by the State of Florida for the murders of an elderly couple. According to court documents Alan Wade, Tiffany Cole and Michael Jackson would kidnap the elderly couple, Carol and James “Reggie” Sumner, who were forced to make withdrawals from their bank account before being buried alive. Alan Wade would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death. Florida Death… Read More »Alan Wade Florida Death Row

Tiffany Cole Women On Death Row

Tiffany Cole Women On Death Row

Tiffany Cole is currently on Florida death row for the murders of her elderly neighbors. According to court documents Tiffany Cole , Alan Wade and her then boyfriend Michael Jackson planned to kidnap and rob the elderly couple before murdering them. The group predug a grave in Georgia two days before the double murder took place. Tiffany Cole 2022 Information DC Number: J35212 Name: COLE, TIFFANY Race:… Read More »Tiffany Cole Women On Death Row