Alan Wade Florida Death Row

Alan Wade Florida Death Row

Alan Wade Florida Death Row

Alan Lyndell Wade was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder,
two counts of kidnapping, and two counts of robbery in the July 2005
murders of Carol and Reggie Sumner

  In the summer of 2005, Alan Wade had visited and partied with Michael Jackson and
his girlfriend Tiffany Cole in South Carolina. In June, Wade arrived at his
longtime friend Nixon’s home in Jacksonville, driving a Mazda RX-8 that
Cole had rented in South Carolina. Wade told Nixon of a vague plan to
rob someone but offered no specifics. The next time Wade contacted Nixon
was two evenings before the July 8 murders. Wade called and asked
whether Nixon would like to join him, Jackson, and Cole in digging a
hole. Nixon agreed and purloined four shovels from his neighborhood
before his three codefendants appeared at his home in the Mazda.
foursome drove around before deciding on a good location for the hole-a
remote, wooded area located just across the state line in Georgia.
Leaving the car parked on the road, the foursome hiked into the woods,
where the three men dug a large, deep hole, while Cole held a
flashlight. When the group returned to the car, Wade asked Jackson
whether Nixon could join their robbery plan, and Jackson agreed. The
group then went to Wade’s house but left when Wade’s mother ordered
Jackson out of her home. She considered Jackson a bad influence on her
Over the next two days, the four codefendants moved forward
with the plan to rob and kill the Sumners. Cole drove Nixon, Jackson,
and Wade by the Sumners’ Jacksonville home and called the Sumners on her
cell phone. Cole knew the victims from when she and they had lived in
South Carolina, and Jackson knew them through Cole. Both Reggie and
Carol Sumner were sixty-one and in extremely poor health. The Sumners
were chosen as victims because of their vulnerability and the belief
that they had considerable financial resources. The four codefendants
planned to gain entry to the Sumners’ house while the couple was at home
and obtain information regarding their financial accounts and the means
to access those accounts. Jackson said that he would kill the victims
with a lethal injection of medication. He promised his codefendants that
they would share the money obtained from the Sumners’ accounts and that
each would get about $50,000.
The codefendants made preparations
to effect their plan. Shortly after midnight on July 7, 2005, Jackson,
Cole, and Wade went to Wal-Mart and purchased disposable rubber gloves.
Then, at about 8:30 on the evening of the murders, all four codefendants
went to an Office Depot, where Cole purchased duct tape and a large
roll of plastic wrap. Finally, they obtained a toy gun that shot plastic
At approximately 10 p.m. on July 8, 2005, Cole drove her
three codefendants in the Mazda to the Sumners’ home. She and Jackson
remained in the car after dropping Wade and Nixon near the home. Wade
had the duct tape in his waistband, and Nixon had the toy gun. As Wade
and Nixon approached the victims’ house, the pair donned plastic gloves.
When Carol Sumner opened the door, they asked to use her phone, and she
invited them in. Upon entering, Wade quickly pulled out the phone line,
while Nixon pointed the toy gun at the couple. Wade grabbed Mr. Sumner
around the neck and pushed him down into a chair. They told the couple
that they wanted bank and credit cards. Mrs. Sumner began to cry and
pleaded with Wade and Nixon not to hurt her and her husband. Nixon took
the Sumners into the spare bedroom, where he used duct tape to secure
their legs and hands and to cover their mouths and eyes. Jackson then
entered the home after being signaled that the victims were secured, and
he and Wade began searching for financial information. A pile of mail
and financial statements and Reggie Sumner’s coin collection were taken
to the Mazda.
At Jackson’s direction, Wade and Nixon walked the
Sumners out to their own Lincoln Town Car and put the couple in its
trunk. According to plan, the two cars headed for the predug grave,
making only one stop to put gas in the Lincoln. After arriving near the
gravesite, Jackson opened the Lincoln’s trunk and began screaming when
he saw that the victims had worked their way out of the duct tape. The
couple lay with their eyes uncovered and hugging each other in the
trunk. Jackson ordered Nixon to bind them again. Then, when Wade was
unable to back the Lincoln up to the edge of the grave, Nixon did so.
Jackson then sent Nixon to wait with Cole at the road, where she had
remained with the Mazda.
Later, Wade and Jackson drove the Lincoln
up to the road where Cole and Nixon waited. Jackson held a yellow legal
pad and reported that it contained the previously unknown personal
identification numbers (PINs) for the Sumners’ bank cards. Then, with
Wade and Nixon in the Lincoln and Jackson and Cole in the Mazda, the
foursome drove to Sanderson, Florida, where they abandoned the Lincoln
after wiping it clean of prints. They left the four shovels in its
All four codefendants then returned to Jacksonville in the
Mazda. They went to an automated teller machine (ATM), where Jackson
withdrew money from one of the Sumners’ accounts, and then the group
went to their hotel. Subsequently, Wade and Cole went to Wal-Mart, where
they purchased gloves and bleach. They also returned to the Sumners’
home and stole the computer. Nixon stayed with his codefendants another
day and then went home. Wade, however, stayed with Cole and Jackson and
traveled with them to Charleston, South Carolina. There, Cole rented two
hotel rooms-one for her and Jackson and the other for Wade.
Sumners’ daughter reported her inability to contact the couple to the
Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office on July 10, and the next day the couple
was reported missing and a “BOLO” issued for the couple’s car. On July
12 the car was found, and the law enforcement investigation of the
Sumners’ financial accounts revealed an unusual number of recent ATM
withdrawals. Video from the ATMs revealed Michael Jackson’s face and a
silver Mazda in the background. Wade called Nixon to inform him that the
Lincoln had been found and told Nixon to “be cool.” About this same
time, Nixon went to a keg party. There, while intoxicated, Nixon told a
friend that he had buried someone alive and showed his wallet containing
about $200 in $20 bills.
Posing as Reggie Sumner, Jackson
contacted Jacksonville law enforcement officers by phone on July 12, and
he assured the homicide detective that he and his “wife” were fine.
Cole, posing as Carol Sumner, made the same assurances. Jackson also
reported that he was having trouble accessing the Sumners’ accounts and
requested the detective’s help. On July 14, Jackson, Cole, and Wade were
located and arrested at their South Carolina hotel, and their rooms
were searched pursuant to warrants. Carol Sumner’s key ring containing
the keys to the Lincoln was found on the nightstand in Wade’s room. In
the room with Jackson and Cole, law enforcement officers found a
suitcase full of the Sumners’ financial records, bags of recent
purchases made on the Sumners’ accounts, receipts for those purchases
and for purchases made earlier in Jacksonville, and other items,
including the Sumners’ driver licenses, credit and bank cards, and
checks and check register. Notably, a check for $8,000 on the Sumners’
account had been made payable to Alan Wade. Officers also searched
Cole’s car, a Chevy Lumina, and the Mazda, which had not been returned
to the rental agency but had been recovered by law enforcement officers.
In the Lumina, the officers found Reggie Sumner’s coin collection, and
in the Mazda, they found Wade’s fingerprints on one of the victims’
magazines. They also found an unused roll of plastic wrap with Cole’s
and Jackson’s fingerprints on it.
Nixon was arrested, and he took
officers to the Georgia gravesite. A roll of duct tape was found there,
and on the morning of July 15, law enforcement officers began excavation
of the gravesite. Both victims were found fully clothed and sitting in
crouched positions, with at least two feet of dirt over their heads. The
medical examiner testified that both Reggie and Carol were alive in the
hole before the dirt was shoveled on them. Their nostrils, mouths,
throats, esophagi, and tracheae contained fine sprays of dirt,
indicating that the dirt was inhaled. Both victims died of a combination
of mechanical asphyxiation, as the dirt compressed their chests and
abdomens, and smothering, as the dirt piled up around their heads and
obstructed their noses and mouths.
Wade declined to testify in his
own defense, and after inquiry, the trial court found the waiver
voluntary. The jury subsequently found Wade guilty of two counts of
first-degree murder, determining that they were both premeditated and
committed in the course of a robbery or kidnapping or both, and of two
counts each of robbery and kidnapping.1

Alan Wade 2019 Information

alan wade florida death row 2019
ID Photo
DC Number:J35401
Birth Date:05/22/1987
Initial Receipt Date:03/05/2008
Current Facility:UNION C.I.
Current Custody:MAXIMUM
Current Release Date:DEATH SENTENCE

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