Trevone Miller Teen Killer Murders Transgender Teen

trevone miller photos

Trevone Miller was an eighteen year old teen killer from Arkansas who would murder a transgender teen in order to cover up the relationship. According to court documents Trevone Miller and Brayla Stone were involved in a sexual relationship when he became paranoid his friends would find out so he would murder seventeen year old … Read more

Colton Harvey Teen Killer Murders Sleeping Sister

colton harvey

Colton Harvey was fifteen years old from Arkansas when he would shoot and kill his sleeping sister. According to court documents Colton Harvey and sixteen year old Candace Harvey did not get along and it ended violently when Colton would shoot and kill Candace as she slept. Colton Harvey was sentenced to 45 years in … Read more

Scotty Gardner Arkansas Death Row

scotty gardner arkansas death row

Scotty Gardner was sentenced to death by the State of Arkansas for the murder of a woman. According to court documents Scotty Gardner was recently released from prison after serving over two decades for attempted murder when he began a relationship with the victim. Scotty Gardner would murder the victim, Heather Stubbs, in a hotel … Read more

Zachary Holly Arkansas Death Row

zachary holly arkansas death row

Zachary Holly was sentenced to death by the State of Arkansas for the murder of a six year old girl. According to court documents Zachary Holly would abduct Jersey Bridgeman from her Bentonville home on November 19, 2012 and would be sexually assaulted and murdered and left in a vacant house. Zachary Holly and his … Read more