Judy Buenoano

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Judy Buenoano – Women Executed In The US

Judy Buenoano was the first women executed in Florida since the reestablishment of the death penalty in 1977. Buenoano who is known as the black widow was convicted on two murders and an attempted murder plus suspected of others Judy would marry James Goodyear in 1971 and later that same year her husband would pass […]

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Judy Buenoano Florida Execution

Judy Buenoano Florida Execution Judy Buenoano was executed by the State of Florida for the murder of three men between 1971 to 1980.  According to police reports Judy Buenoano who was finally arrested in 1983 after attempting to kill her fiance in a car bombing.  After a closer look police realized that she had killed […]

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