Nebiyu Ebrahim Teen Killer Murders Ex Girlfriend In Virginia

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Nebiyu Ebrahim was seventeen years old when he murdered his sixteen year old girlfriend Jholie Moussa. According to court documents Nebiyu and the victim were in a bad relationship that was dominated by the teen killer. When he no longer was able to control the sixteen year old girl he would strangle her to death and hide her body which would be found by authorities two weeks later. This teen killer was previously convicted of assaulting the victim was apparently upset that she pressed charges and he was transferred to an alternative school. Nebiyu Ebrahim would be sentenced to life in prison without parole in Virginia.

Nebiyu Ebrahim 2020 Information

  • Personal Information Nebiyu Yesuf Ebrahim Alias:  Nebiyu Ebrahim
  • Age/Race/Sex 20/Black/Male
  • Offender I.D.#1977923
  • Location Wallens Ridge State Prison
  • Release Date Single Life Sentence

Nebiyu Ebrahim Other News

A 19-year-old Virginia man has been sentenced to 99 years in prison for killing his ex-girlfriend and hiding her body in a park in the Mount Vernon area.

Nebiyu Ebrahim had pleaded guilty to the first-degree murder of Jholie Moussa. News outlets report his sentencing on Wednesday was applauded by her relatives.

In 2018, a 17-year-old Ebrahim strangled the 16-year-old Moussa with his hands, then hid her body under a pile of leaves, later returning to push her into a shallow grave dug with a chef’s knife.

Moussa’s identical twin sister, Zhane, testified that Ebrahim was Moussa’s first boyfriend and soon became abusive. He was convicted of assaulting Moussa in 2017. Zhane Moussa said her sister once said Ebrahim had choked her into unconsciousness.

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A Fairfax County teenager who admitted to killing his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend in a “blind rage” will spend at least the next 40 years in prison.

Nebiyu Ebrahim apologized in court today.

An apology that sounded contrived according to Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Casey Lingan.

“Look at the details of what he said — I wanted to spare the trial to you the family. Making himself the hero. Still controlling – there was no remorse,” Lingan said.

Before handing down his sentence, Judge Randy Bellows listed some of the evidence against Ebrahim to include the fact that he used his mother’s phone to Google how long it takes to choke someone to death.

Judge Bellows said the murder was driven by uncontrollable hatred after Ebrahim blamed Jholie for his being transferred to an alternative school for troubled teens.

The evidence shows Ebrahim attacked Jholie Moussa three times over a period of several months. The first time he was caught and charged and ordered to stay away from her. The second time he thought he had killed her but the teen survived. Tragically, she never told anyone about it except a friend. No one went to the police.

The third time, Ebrahim admits he strangled Moussa and buried her in a shallow grave in a Mount Vernon park. Returning at least once to throw more leaves over her body.

“In a way I feel like this was a distraction in the grieving process for us,” said Jholie’s mother Syreeta Seward, “and now we are going to another level of grieving…our lives will never  be the same.”

When Judge Bellows handed down his sentence the family, sitting in the front row of the courtroom, applauded.

“It’s been hell,” said Jholie’s twin sister, Zhane, “it’s been human torture this whole entire thing how court works, it’s human torture and I am just so glad it’s over”.

Jholie Moussa vanished from her Mount Vernon area home on Jan. 12, 2018 after telling her family she would be right back. The disappearance garnered a tremendous amount of attention at the time-in part – because the teen had previously been attacked by Ebrahim.

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