alphonso james photos

Alphonso James Teen Killer Murders At 13

Alphonso James was thirteen years old when he fatally shot an eighteen year old man in Elkhart Indiana. According to police Alphonso James and the victim had an argument over money and video games when the teen killer shot the victim several times. Alphonso James attempted to sell a story that the murder was in […]

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john freeman photos

John Freeman Teen Killer Murders 5 Year Old Girl

John Freeman was seventeen years old when he murdered a five year old girl who he was babysitting in New York State. According to court documents John Freeman was asked to babysit the five year old girl at her Great Grandparents home in Niagara Falls New York. The teen killer would tell police that he […]

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cassandra rieb photos

Cassandra Rieb Teen Killer Helps Murder Grandparents

Cassandra Rieb was eighteen years old when she helped her boyfriend Brendan Lee Johnson murder his Grandparents. According to court documents Cassandra Rieb and Brendan Lee Johnson would attack the Grandfather who would die of a heart attack during the struggle. The Grandmother would be brought to a remote location where she was strangled and […]

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Cathleen Boyer photos

Cathleen Boyer Teen Killer Murders Teen In Pennsylvania

Cathleen Boyer was sixteen years old when she murdered another teen following an argument on Facebook. According to court documents Cathleen Boyer and the victim were involved in a heated argument on Facebook over the victim’s baby daddy. This teen killer would find the victim and stab her multiple times in the neck and chest […]

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Jered Ohsman photos

Jered Ohsman Teen Killer Murders Man During Crime Spree

Jered Ohsman was sixteen years old when he murdered a man during a crime spree. According to court documents Jered Ohsman and his fifteen year old acomplice would shoot and kill a man then stole his vehicle. The teen killer along with his accomplice would carjack another vehicle, committed a burglary and then were involved […]

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Arek Friedricksen photos

Arek Friedricksen Teen Killer Murders Man In Nebraska

Arek Friedricksen was a sixteen year old when he shot and killed a man in Nebraska. According to police Arek Friedricksen would shoot the victim multiple times causing his death. Due to Arek Friedricksen pleading guilty not a lot is known about the murder. This teen killer tried to keep his case in juvenile court […]

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connor kerner photos

Connor Kerner Teen Killer Murders 2 In Indiana

Connor Kerner was a seventeen year old teen killer from Indiana who would murder two other teens during the course of a robbery. According to court documents Connor Kerner was at his grandparents home when he set up a drug deal with the two victims. When the victims showed up at the Indiana home they […]

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dustin wallace photos

Dustin Wallace Teen Killer Murders 5 Year Old

Dustin Wallace was sixteen years old when he raped and murdered a five year old girl in Oregon. According to court documents Dustin Wallace sexually assaulted the little girl before smothering her with a pillow. This teen killer lawyers tried to get him off by saying that Dustin Wallace accidentally smothered the child while he […]

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bailey french teen killer

Bailey French Teen Killer Sets Up Mans Murder

Bailey French was a seventeen year old girl in Minnesota when a man made a sexual advance towards her and it cost him his life. According to court documents Bailey French, Anthony Howson, Deshon Bonnell and Joshua Lavalley were all hanging out when things went sideways. Apparently Joshua Lavalley made a pass at Bailey French […]

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