John Odgren Teen Killer Murders In School Bathroom

john odgren photos

John Odgren was a sixteen year old from Massachusetts who would stab a fellow student to death in the school washroom. According to court documents John Odgren would bring a knife to school and would head to the washroom where he would stab to death James F. Alenson. Immediately after the stabbing John Odgren would … Read more

Julia Enright Charged In Brutal Murder

julia enright photos

Julia Enright was charged in the brutal murder of Brandon Chicklis of Westminster in which his body was found beside a New Hamshire highway. According to early reports police would find Brandon Chicklis blood at Julia Enright parent’s property in Massachusetts. The two reportedly dated for awhile and no known motive has been made public. … Read more

Gary Sampson Federal Death Row

gary sampson federal death row

Gary Sampson was sentenced to death by the Federal Government for the murders of three people in Massachusetts. According to court documents Gary Sampson, who is a convicted bank robber, would be picked up hitchhiking by Philip McCloskey who he would later beat to death. Sampson would then murder Jonathan Rizzo who would also pick … Read more

Philip Chism Teen Killer Murders Teacher

Philip Chism Teen Killer

Philip Chism was fourteen years old when he sexually assaulted and murdered his teacher. According to court documents Philip Chism would follow the teacher into a washroom where he would sexually assault the twenty four year old woman before murdering the woman. Phillip Chism would steal her credit card and use it to buy movie … Read more

Mathew Borges Teen Killer Murders Classmate

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Mathew Borges was fifteen years old when he murdered a classmate in a a brutal fashion. According to court documents Borges was upset that the victim spent time with his girlfriend so he would lure the other teenager to a remote location where he was stabbed over seventy times. Mathew would then cut off the … Read more