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  • Teen KillersParis Bennett Teen Killer

    10 Teen Killers Who Should Never Get Out Of Prison

    There are a number of teen killers who were caught up in the spur of the moment and committed murder however there are also a number of teen killers who are so dangerous that they should never be let out of prison again. Now this list of 10 teen killers who should never get out of prison does not go…

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  • Teen KillersPhilip Chism Teen Killer

    Philip Chism Teen Killer Murders Teacher

    Philip Chism was fourteen years old when he sexually assaulted and murdered his teacher. According to court documents Philip Chism would follow the teacher into a washroom where he would sexually assault the twenty four year old woman before murdering the woman. Phillip Chism would steal her credit card and use it to buy movie tickets. Phillip Chism would attempt…

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