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10 Teen Killers Who Should Never Get Out Of Prison

Paris Bennett Teen Killer

There are a number of teen killers who were caught up in the spur of the moment and committed murder however there are also a number of teen killers who are so dangerous that they should never be let out of prison again. Now this list of 10 teen killers who should never get out of prison does not go in any sort of order so lets just get on with the list. None of the below teen killers are serving life without parole so there is a chance all of them may be free one day. If you feel there is someone who belongs on this list make sure to leave it in the comments below

1. Paris Bennett – Teen Killer

paris bennett teen killer

Paris Bennett may be the scariest teen killer on this list and he should never be able to get out of prison. This psychopath was just thirteen years old when he murdered his four year old sister in Texas. The reason behind this brutal murder? He was mad at his mother and figured the best way to get back at her is to murder the four year old little girl. The murder was completely planned down to the smallest detail. Due to his age at the time of the murder Paris Bennett was sentenced to forty years in prison and becomes eligible for parole in 2027 and will be released by 2047.

Paris Bennett Teen Killer

2. Erin Caffey Teen Killer

erin caffey teen killer

Erin Caffey may look like the girl next door with her blond hair and soft voice however this teen killer is responsible for the murders of her mother and her two brothers and nearly her father. Now Erin Caffey may have not got her hands dirty in the triple murder however she was responsible in getting her boyfriend and his friends to do the crime. Erin Caffey would be in a number of interviews however she has never expressed any sort of remorse for the murders.

Erin Caffey Teen Killer

3. Aaron Campbell Teen Killer

Aaron Campbell Teen Killer

Aaron Campbell proves that now all twisted Teen Killers resides in the USA as this sixteen year old from Ireland would kidnap, sexually assault and murder a six year old girl. Apparently Aaron Campbell would obsess over the six year old girl until the day he kidnapped her, brought her to the woods where the child would be sexually assaulted and then tortured to death. Aaron Campbell has to spend twenty seven years before he is eligible for parole.

Aaron Campbell Teen Killer

4. Phillip Chism Teen Killer

Philip Chism Teen Killer

Philip Chism was fourteen years old when he sexually assaulted and murdered a teacher. This teen killer would wait until the teacher made her way to a washroom after school hours where he would then sexually assault and then murder her. Philip Chism would be sentenced to life in prison however he is eligible for parole in forty years.

Philip Chism Teen Killer

5. Nehemiah Griego Teen Killer

Nehemiah Griego Teen Killer

Nehemiah Griego was fifteen years old when he killed his mother, father and three siblings. Initially the teen killer was to spend time in a juvenile prison until he turned 21 years old however that was appealed and this cold blooded killer was resentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole. Nehemiah Griego will be 52 years old when he first becomes eligible.

Nehemiah Griego Teen Killer

6. Edmund Kemper Teen Killer

edmund kemper

Of course everyone knows that Edmund Kemper is a serial killer who would murder eight women however Edmund would get his start as a teen killer who would murder his Grandparents when he was just fifteen years old. Edmund would be sent to a mental hospital where he would stay until he was 21 and then released. Edmund Kemper has been eligible for parole for years but thankfully he has chosen to ignore his routine parole hearings.

7. Monique Maestas Teen Killer

Monique Maestas Teen Killer

Monique Maestas and her brother Beau were pissed that the drugs that they were sold were fake so they decided to take it out on the woman’s children. By the time the two teen killers were done one little girl would be dead and another would be paralyzed. For killing the three year old girl and paralyzing a ten year old girl Beau Maestas was given a death sentence and Monique Maestas would be sentenced to forty seven years to life

Monique Maestas Teen Killer

8. Justina Morley Teen Killer

justina morley 2021 photos

Many believe that without Justina Morley that Jason Sweeney would still be alive and I tend to agree. Justina Morley would plan and set up the murder that would see Jason Sweeney have his head caved in with a large rock. Of course Justina Morley would be the first to talk to the police and got herself a sweetheart deal in the process. While the other three participants were sentenced to life this teen killer received a lighter sentence and as of 2021 she is out of prison

Justina Morley Teen Killer

Rachel Shoaf And Shelia Eddy Teen Killers

rachel shoaf shelia eddy 2021

Rachel Shoaf and Shelia Eddy were two teenage girls responsible for the murder of Skylar Neese and they only time the two would show any remorse is when they were caught. They were not remorseful for what they had done but that they were actually arrested. Unfortunately both teen killers have a parole eligibility date in the upcoming years and Rachel Shoaf actually has a release date.

Rachel Shoaf and Shelia Eddy Teen Killers

10. Eliza Wasni Teen Killer

eliza wasni photos

Eliza Wasni was a sixteen year old girl who planned out the murder of a Uber driver in Illinois. The teen killer went shopping for weapons and would steal a knife and a machete before hailing an Uber. Once the driver arrived and she got into the car Eliza Wasni would stab the man repeatedly causing his death. Eliza Wasni would show no remorse and her behavior was so poor in Juvenile Detention that she was sent to an adult facility. Eliza Wasni release date is in 2047

Eliza Wasni Teen Killer

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  1. Good God Almighty.
    What on earth is in between the ears of these deviants?
    One would think that the proliferation of true crime shows on TV/internet would snag the minuscule attention span of these things so they MIGHT be selfish enough to believe they WILL be caught, & probably in short order, maybe this isn’t such a great idea after all…..
    Full disclosure here, I spent multiple years of my life in prison for theft cases related to a wicked Dilaudid addiction, so I get how one can get the ‘lost in the sauce’ thing going on, but I never physically hurt anyone, & once you go to jail/prison, the fear isn’t present so that’s why folks tend to relapse.
    But THESE type of situations call for no bond, no getting out in 8-10-12 months or so, that MY crimes carried.
    I often wonder where are the PARENTAL UNITS of these… I hesitate to call them monsters, that’s disparaging to the real monsters… do they even pay ANY attention to what these 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 year old kids are DOING, AT ALL?? When I was 13, 14, I was just discovering that I wasn’t grossed out by boys after all, they were cute! I had a sweet boyfriend, I was at his living family’s house a lot, went to church with them, then I met another, older boy who was lead singer/bass player in a local band, & that was the singular focus of my life. Turmoil ensured at our house until they agreed to let me marry him at 16. Of course, it lasted barely a year, but we are still friends today. THAT is what THESE people should be involved with!! Finding out who they are, what to make of the one & ONLY life they’re given. Not taking the life of another…..
    I realize the teenage brain isn’t fully developed until about age 25, & they actually do not possess the ability to process rational thoughts regarding actions=consequences. That is why it is so terribly important for parents, grandparents, teachers, & any others involved in the life of these individuals who are sliding down that slippery slope of crime in general, not to mention MURDER! It is unreal the number of young people who ruin the lives of these families and have the unmitigated GALL to stand up in open court and R E A D from a prepared statement, in an attempt to portray someone who feels remorse! If it is so heartfelt, why do you have to READ it from a piece of PAPER?! It SHOULD be on the tip of their tongue!
    Apparently, some of these murderers, (and multiple others who aren’t) have already BEEN released, which is a very scary situation, indeed.
    Our cities, towns, neighborhoods & parishes should be aware when these individuals are released. Not to further shame them, but to notify parents. Of course, we ALL know that the KNOWN threats to others are NOT the ONLY threats, there is a killer/rapist/child molester born every day, and we should be resigned to live our very lives as though a threat to our safety is right around the next corner, winter, summer, spring & fall, day in & day out, so keep your eyes & ears open & make sure your spidey sense is tuned up & never, ever discount or otherwise ignore your Mother’s Intuition (or ANY intuition, for THAT matter) and stay prayed up.
    Don’t be afraid to alert the school about a child who may be floundering & may be suffering at home, in one way or another, maybe acting out for attention. Try to be the life raft for this person. The life you save may be your own.

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