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Latarsha Sanders Gets Life For Voodoo Murders Of 2 Sons

Latarsha Sanders

Latarsha Sanders is a woman from Massachusetts who was just sentenced to life in prison for the murder of her two young sons in what authorities called a Voodoo ritual. According to court documents Latarsha Sanders would stab 8-year-old Edson Brito and 5-year-old La’son Brito over a hundred times in what was called a Voodoo ritual. However another theory was that Latarsha Sanders planned the murders so she would be able to create a Gofund Me campaign in order to profit over the killings. Latarsha Sanders was convicted of 2 counts of murder and one count of witness intimidation. She was automatically sentenced to two life terms without the possibility of parole.

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A mother from Brockton, Massachusetts, allegedly stabbed her two young sons to death with a kitchen knife and then told police that their deaths were part of a voodoo ritual.

Latarsha L. Sanders, 43, was arrested earlier this week, Fox News reported. During her Tuesday arraignment hearing, Assistant Plymouth District Attorney Jessica Kenny said that Sanders claimed she stabbed her 8-year-old son Edson “Marlon” Brito for the ritual, but it didn’t work, according to the Boston Herald. So then, Sanders allegedly stabbed 5-year-old Larson Brito to death.

“She said she had stabbed him because she had ‘failed’ in the ritual with Marlon (Edson),” Kenny said. “She responded to police that she felt bad about what she had done.”

The elder son was stabbed 50 times, according to an early autopsy report. Police said that Sanders admitted to the murders.

According to the Boston Globe, just two days before the two boys were found brutally murdered, Sanders was allegedly talking about killing someone to get a human heart for her dying dad.

On Tuesday, the mother pleaded not guilty to murder. She is being held without bail, and it’s unclear if she has a lawyer who can represent her at this time.

Sanders’ mother, Earline Sanders, allegedly told police that Sanders was “mentally unstable and crazy” and refused treatment. She also said that Sanders had become obsessed with the Illuminati, rituals, numerology and sacrifices. Sanders was reportedly rambling about the Illuminati to her mother since Friday.

The discovery of the grisly murders occurred on Monday after Sanders ran screaming and crying to her neighbor. The boys were found under blankets. She told police she was motivated by “voodoo stuff,” reported the Boston Globe

“All crime scenes are grisly. But these victims were innocent children. This was a gruesome and disturbing and, most of all, a heartbreaking crime,” Plymouth District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz said on Monday, according to the Boston Herald.

Voodoo practitioners and academics told the Globe the religion does not condone violence.

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