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Judy Church Murders Boyfriend With Antifreeze

Judy Church

Judy Church is a woman from Massachusetts who has just been arrested and charged with the murder of her boyfriend who she allegedly poisoned with antifreeze. According to police reports Judy Church would call 911 and reported her boyfriend Leroy Fowler was in medical distress. Leroy Fowler would be rushed to three different hospitals as doctors tried to figure out what was wrong with him before he died two days later.

After an autopsy it was determined that Leroy Fowler had died from ethylene glycol, the main ingredient in antifreeze, and Judy Church was arrested and charged with his murder. Apparently Judy Church had found out that Leroy Fowler was seeing another woman on the side and Judy Church had recently purchased a life insurance policy for Fowler.

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A Salisbury woman accused of fatally poisoning her boyfriend with ethylene glycol, an industrial compound commonly found in antifreeze, windshield de-icing fluid and hydraulic brake fluid, appeared in court Friday.

Judy Church, 64, is charged with murder in the death of Leroy Fowler, according to the Essex District Attorney’s Office.

Church called 911 on Nov. 11 to request an ambulance for Fowler, saying, “My boyfriend must have ingested something,” according to court documents. EMS responded and found the victim in obvious medical distress.

Fowler was initially taken to Anna Jacques Hospital in Newburyport and then Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge for a higher level of care. Fowler was brought to Beth Israel Hospital, where he died on Nov. 13.

Hospital staff told the family Fowler’s kidneys were damaged, and “they believed he could have ingested poison,” according to the documents.

Police spoke to Church, who said Fowler was doing some work around the house on Nov. 11 and appeared tired or winded at times.

Police also interviewed Fowler’s son, who said his father had a second girlfriend and was known to “go back and forth between the two women.” He also told police Church took a life insurance policy out in Fowler’s name one year ago.

Fowler’s stepson, Michael Hawkins, told police that Fowler thought Church was poisoning him. Fowler said every time he left Church’s home, “he felt better,” according to the documents.

“Leroy didn’t drink alcohol and was known to like red Powerade, Pepsi and a coffee shake that Judy made for him frequently,” police wrote in their report.

During a search of Church’s residence, police said they found a bottle of orange deicing fluid in the kitchen and a bottle of fruit punch Powerade with orange residue in the trash.

A photo found on Church’s phone showed a clear glass filled with orange liquid in a cup holder secured to a wall over the bed where Flower was known to sleep, officials said.

Church was arraigned Friday on a murder charge at Newburyport District Court and held pending a probable cause hearing that was set for Jan. 23.

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