amanda mcghee photos

Amanda McGhee Teen Killer Murders 2

Amanda McGhee was fifteen and pregnant when along with her older boyfriend Andrew Mann murdered her father and stepmother. According to prosecutors Amanda McGhee and Andrew Mann planned the double murder for weeks. The teen killers would first shoot her father, who would lay dying for several hours before calling her stepmother home and fatally […]

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Zachary Blanchard photos

Zachary Blanchard Teen Killer Murders Father

Zachary Blanchard was sixteen years old when he fatally shot his father in Tennessee. According to prosecutors Zachary Blanchard would ask his father with help with a chicken coop. When his father went outside the teen killer would go back into the home and grab a gun then return outside fatally shooting his father. No […]

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william gault photos

William Gaul Teen Killer Murders Ex Girlfriend

William Gaul was seventeen years old when he murdered his ex girlfriend for ending their relationship in Tennessee . According to court documents William Gaul and the victim Emma Walker dated for over two years when she ended the relationship. William Gaul would go over to the victims home and shoot several times into her […]

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jacob brown photos

Jacob Brown Teen Killer Murders Elderly Couple

Jacob Brown was sixteen years old when he murdered an elderly couple in Tennessee. According to court documents Jacob Brown, who is known as Paco to friends. broke into the elderly couple home and proceeded to beat them to death with a baseball bat. Jacob Brown who would confess to the brutal murders would tell […]

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Antonio Evans photos

Antonio Evans Teen Killer Murders Six Year Old

Antonio Evans was fourteen when he murdered a six year old girl. According to court documents Antonio Evans was suppose to be watching a group of kids at a foster home. According to the other children he kicked, punched and beat them with a belt. The six year old girl would die from her injuries. […]

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Leroy Hall Jr execution

Leroy Hall Jr December 2019 Scheduled Execution

Leroy Hall Jr. is scheduled to be executed by the State of Tennessee tonight, December 5 2019, for the murder of his ex girlfriend in 1991. According to court documents Leroy Hall doused the woman with gasoline before setting her on fire. Leroy Hall was quickly convicted and sentenced to death in 1992. For his […]

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natasha cornett photos

Natasha Cornett Teen Killer Murders Family In Tennessee

Natasha Cornett was eighteen years old when she took part in a murder that made National headlines. According to court documents Natasha Cornett, Edward Dean Mullins, 19; Joseph Lance Risner, 20; Crystal R. Sturgill, 18; Jason Blake Bryant, 14; and Karen R. Howell, 17 decided they wanted to get out of their small town and […]

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Zachary Davis

Zachary Davis Teen Killer Murders Mother With A Sledgehammer

Zachary Davis was fifteen years old when he murdered his mother with a sledgehammer and attempted to murder his older brother. According to court documents Davis confronted his mother about his older brother sexually abusing him and when the mother denied this teen killer allegedly snapped. In the end Zachary Davis would be convicted on […]

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