Sex Offender Brian Gadbois Gets 475 Years In Prison

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Brian Gadbois is a man from Waterdown Tennessee who was just sentenced to 475 years in prison for a long list of sexual crimes. According to court documents Brian Gadbois would be found guilty on 24 counts of sexual abuse against minors. The evidence against this sexual offender was overwhelming with three victims testifying against him, video of sexual assaults and DNA.

The Tennessee judge would sentence him to 10 consecutive 40-year sentences, one for each count of rape of a child. He received 30 years for each of the seven counts of aggravated sexual battery, six of which will be served alongside the years for the counts of rape of a child, and one of which will be served after the rape convictions. He received three consecutive 15-year sentences for the three convictions of aggravated assault. Needless to say this sexual offender will die behind bars

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A local man that was convicted for child rape charges nearly six months ago was handed down a sentence yesterday to serve 475 years in prison by Criminal Court Judge Brody Kane. Brian Gadbois, of Watertown, was convicted last summer for 10 counts of child rape, seven counts of aggravated sexual battery, four counts of indecent exposure and three counts of aggravated assault.

A thorough investigation was conducted by the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division led by Detective Jennifer Edwards. “Sheriff Robert Bryan’s team produced a first-class investigation that left no doubt in the minds of jurors and the judge of exactly the acts that this defendant was guilty of committing,” stated District 15 Attorney General Jason Lawson.

Sheriff Bryan noted how important it was for justice to be served for the victims that were involved. “These are very disturbing cases to not only work, but also for the victims involved. Our investigators worked very closely with General Lawson and his staff to hold this perpetrator accountable for the acts he committed. Everyone from the Criminal Investigations Division to the prosecutors worked tirelessly on this case, and justice was served.”

From Wilson County Sheriff’s Office

Watertown Man Receives 475-year Prison Sentence for Child Rape Charges
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