Murder Database Update

murder database

As you can tell my focus over the last month or so has been on Murder Database – and it is now around a thousand killers. I have been bouncing back and forth between death row inmates and executions,

The goal right now is just to cover as many as possible as quickly as possible. Once I get all of the people on death row and all of those executed in the United States since the death penalty came back in the 1970’s. Once this is done I am going to go back over each death row inmate, execution, teen killer and those that do not fit in those categories and source as much information as possible

I work full time as a truck driver and so my time is limited to work on Murder Database and My Crime Library so it feels like it is taking an awful amount of time however I think it is important to have a record of the awful crimes that have been committed

For those of you have been liking and sharing posts from My Crime Library and Murder Database I thank you as it helps so much in getting both of the sites out there

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