Cesar Olalde Murders Family In Texas

Cesar Olalde texas

Cesar Olalde is an alleged teen killer from Texas who has been charged with the murders of his entire family

According to police reports Cesar Olalde sister failed to show up to work and a concerned coworker would go over to her home and would discover four people laying dead inside of the home. The police were called and they would find Cesar Olalde barricaded inside of the home

Cesar Olalde would eventually come out of the home and be arrested by police

So the reason why he would murder Reuben Olalde and Aida Garcia, sister Lisbet Olalde and brother Oliver Olalde? He would tell police that they were cannibals and was afraid they were going to eat him

Cesar Olade has been charged with four counts of murder

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Cesar Olade News

A Texas teenager has been arrested on murder charges after authorities allege he killed his parents and two siblings because he believed they were “cannibals” planning on eating him, according to multiple news reports.

Cesar Olalde, 18, is charged with capital murder of multiple people in connection with the shooting deaths of his parents, Reuben Olalde and Aida Garcia, sister Lisbet Olalde and brother Oliver Olalde, police said, per NBC News, KSLA, and Fox 23.

Cesar Olalde was taken into custody May 23 after a standoff in Nash – a small town near the Arkansas state line – that local police say began when they received a report of a man who had harmed his family and was threatening to kill himself, NBC News reports. 

When they arrived, officers found Olalde barricaded inside a home and were told multiple people were dead inside, a press release states.

According to a probable cause affidavit obtained by NBC News, Olalde later called police saying “he had pulled the trigger, and shot his family.”

After negotiations, Olalde surrendered and police went inside the home, where they discovered the bodies of four people, according to the press release.

“It appeared as if the victims had been shot at various places in the residence and drug to the bathroom,” authorities said in the affidavit, per Fox 23. “Multiple spent cartridge casings” were found on the floor of the home, and there was “blood spatter on multiple surfaces.”

The affidavit states Lisbet’s co-worker went to the home after she didn’t show up for work that day, KSLA reports. When the co-worker got no response, he explained that with help from a family member, he forced his way into the house, where he was confronted by Cesar Olalde, who had allegedly pointed a gun at him, according to the outlet.

The co-worker also told police that Olalde allegedly said “he had killed his family because they were cannibals, and they were going to eat him,” the affidavit states, per NBC News.

A GoFundMe page has since been launched by the victims’ loved ones to help offset funeral costs.

“My whole family my father who was a hard working man, my mother who was a caring and loving person, my sister who was full of life, happiness, and dreams, and my little brother who was an amazing, funny, and cheerful kid passed in a tragic turn events that even in my worst nightmare I couldn’t have dreamed,” reads the fundraiser.

Nash police said Olalde was booked into the Bi-State Jail in Texarkana, Texas. His bond was set at $10 million, KSLA reports, and it’s unclear if he has entered a plea. 

According to the outlet, Olalde is being represented by public defender Jeff Harrelson. PEOPLE was not immediately able to reach Harrelson.

Police said the investigation remains ongoing. Anyone with information on the case is asked to call the Nash, Texas Police Department at (903)-838-0822.

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