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Rejon Taylor Federal Death Row

Federal Death Row

Rejon Taylor was sentenced to death by the Federal Government for the kidnapping and murder of Guy Luck in Tennessee. According to court documents Rejon Taylor would go to the victims home in Georgia with two associates were he would kidnap the restaurant owner at gunpoint. Rejon Taylor would force the victim into a car where he was then driven to Tennessee where he was shot multiple times. Rejon Taylor would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death. As of 2021 he remains on Federal Death Row

Federal Death Row Inmate List

Rejon Taylor 2021 Information

Register Number: 41070-074
Age: 36
Race: Black
Sex: Male
Located at: Terre Haute USP
Release Date: DEATH SENT

Rejon Taylor More News

[Taylor] had been responsible for various thefts and burglaries from [Guy] Luck’s house and other nearby residences in Atlanta between 2001 and 2003. On August 6, 2003, [Taylor], along with codefendants Sir Jack Matthews and Joey Marshall, went to Luck’s house with the intention of robbing him. After confronting Luck at gunpoint, Marshall guarded Luck while [Taylor] began looking through Luck’s house. Inside the house, [Taylor] took around $600 or $800. Marshall testified [Taylor] later told him there was a warrant or other document connected with [Taylor’s] arrest on theft charges in another case, which suggested Luck could be a witness against [Taylor].

At gunpoint, Luck was forced outside his house and into his van. [Taylor] got in the driver’s seat, while Matthews guarded Luck in the back. [Taylor] and Matthews each had a gun. [Taylor] drove the van onto Interstate 75 and traveled north from Atlanta. They made a brief stop at a gas station in north Georgia before eventually crossing into southeast Tennessee, where [Taylor] exited the expressway and drove into the Chattanooga suburb of Collegedale. During the trip, Marshall followed behind in a car registered to [Taylor’s] mother.

As [Taylor] drove the van around relatively isolated roads in Collegedale, there was a confrontation in the back of the van, in which Matthews fired a shot, which hit Luck in the arm. [Taylor] turned around from the driver’s seat and fired three shots at Luck. The third bullet hit Luck in the mouth and caused his death later that day at Erlanger Hospital. [Taylor] and Matthews left their guns in the van and walked briskly from the van to the car driven by Marshall. They then drove back to Atlanta.

[Taylor] was subsequently arrested and incarcerated pre-trial at the Hamilton County Jail in Chattanooga. While incarcerated there, [he] was part of a group of inmates that attempted to escape.

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