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Tyrone Chalmers

Tyrone Chalmers was sentenced to death by the State of Tennessee for a murder during a robbery. According to court documents Tyrone Chalmers was driving around with two accomplices looking for someone to rob. The victim was told to undress before he was shot and killed. Tyrone Chalmers would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death.

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Tyrone Chalmers 2021 Information

Birth Date:08/02/1973
TDOC ID:00265398
State ID Number (SID): 

Tyrone Chalmers More News

At approximately 5:00 a.m. on August 20, 1994, the body of the African-American victim, 28-year-old Randy Allen, was discovered lying face down on the sidewalk next to Netherwood Street in Memphis. His pants and underwear had been pulled down around his ankles, and he had been shot five times.   Two of the wounds, one to the head and another to the back, were fatal.

Ten days after the shooting, the 21-year-old African-American defendant admitted to Memphis police that he had killed the victim during a robbery.   The defendant stated:

I met up with “Dre” and “Black” on Orleans and So. Parkway near the park.  “Black” was driving something like a[sic] Oldsmobile, “Dre” was in the front passenger seat and I got in the back seat.   We were just riding around looking for somebody to rob.   I had some kind of automatic rifle, it had a clip in it, black and brown color.  “Dre” had a .380 automatic or something, look [sic] black to me.   I think “Black” had a shotgun.  “Black” was driving down Netherwood, and me and “Dre” jumped out on two boys.2  We tried to rob them.   We made them strip, then I had hit the one that was killed with the rifle and it went off, and I couldn’t let the rifle go.   Then me and “Dre” jumped in the car and left, with “Black” driving.   Then “Black” dropped me and “Dre” off near a house, close to Southside School.

Tyrone Chalmers, who robbed Murphy and the victim of $3.00, estimated that he had fired six times.   The defendant concluded his statement by remarking, “I’m sorry it ever happened.   If I could go through it again, I wouldn’t.”

Based on this proof, the jury convicted the defendant of felony murder and especially aggravated robbery.

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