• Crime Newsrandon lee

    Ophelia Nichols Son Randon Lee Shot And Killed

    Alabama TicTok star Ophelia Nichols is begging for the public’s help in solving the murder of her eighteen year old son Randon Lee. According to police reports Randon Lee was shot and killed in Prichard Alabama. Police believe that Randon Lee met the suspects in order to sell marijuana and the drug deal went bad and Lee was shot. Randon…

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  • Crime NewsAzuradee France

    Azuradee France Charged After Boy Found In Freezer

    Azuradee France is a woman from Detroit Michigan after police found the body of her three year old son dead in a freezer. According to police reports a wellness check was performed at her home and officers found the body of three year old Chase Allen was found dead in the freezer and the little boy had been there for…

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  • Crime NewsDarlene Brister

    Darlene Brister Charged With 3 Kids Murders

    Darlene Brister is a woman from Georgia who has just been charged with the murders of 3 children and attempted to kill 2 more. According to police reports Darlene Brister would stab five of the children in the home before setting the house on fire. Three of the children would die from their injuries and the two others would be…

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  • Teen Killersrobert cotter

    Robert Cotter Teen Killer Murders Father And Brother

    Robert Cotter was an eighteen year old teen killer from Fresno California who called police to say his fifteen year old brother murdered their father and then killed himself. However when police arrived at the Fresno residence it soon became obvious that something else was at play. Robert Cotter who attempted to blame the double murder on his fifteen year…

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  • Teen KillersEstevan Montoya

    Estevan Montoya Teen Killer Murders At House Party

    Estevan Montoya was sixteen years old when this teen killer pulled out a gun at a house party in New Mexico and fatally shot another teen. According to court documents Estevan Montoya and the victim JB White, 18 years old. were at a house party in Sante Fe New Mexico when violence broke out at the party. Estevan Montoya would…

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  • Teen KillersIsabelle Jocson

    Isabelle Jocson Teen Killer Murders 14 Yr Old Girl

    Isabelle Jocson is a sixteen year old alleged teen killer from Nashville Tennessee who was arrested for the murder of a fourteen year old girl. According to police reports Isabelle Jocson and the victim fourteen year old Malia Powell began arguing in a Walmart and the verbal disagreement would continue outside of the store. When the two teen girls were…

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  • Death Row InmatesRicky Allen Dubose

    Ricky Allen Dubose Georgia Death Row

    Ricky Allen Dubose was sentenced to death by the State of Georgia for the murders of two prison guards during an escape. According to court documents Ricky Allen Dubose and Donnie Rowe were able to slip out of their handcuffs while being transported by prison employees. Ricky Allen Dubose would grab an officer’s gun and open fire killing correctional guards…

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  • Crime NewsRobert Findlay Smith

    Robert Findlay Smith Kills 3 People At Alabama Church

    Robert Findlay Smith is a seventy year old from Birmingham Alabama who opened fire at a Alabama church potluck that left three people dead. According to police reports Robert Findlay Smith was sitting at a table and according to witnesses suddenly stood up and pulled out a gun and began firing. Robert Findlay Smith would allegedly murder Walter Rainey, 84,…

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  • Teen Killerspatrick gilmore

    Patrick Gilmore Teen Killer Murders With A Crossbow

    Patrick Gilmore was a seventeen year old teen killer from Michigan who would murder another teen with a crossbow. According to court documents Patrick Gilmore would shoot and kill seventeen year old Lane Roslund in Hasting Michigan. Patrick Gilmore would bury the body of Lane Roslund in his backyard. The search for Roslund was over a month long before his…

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  • Crime NewsJoe Louis Esquivel

     Joe Louis Esquivel Murders 3 Coworkers

     Joe Louis Esquivel has been charged with three murders with the murders of his coworkers in Maryland. According to police reports  Joe Louis Esquivel, who is from West Virginia, would go to his workplace, Columbia Machine Inc, and would open fire killing three of his coworkers and firing at several more employees.  Joe Louis Esquivel would be involved in a…

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  • Teen KillersLeiyla Cepeda

    Leiyla Cepeda Teen Killer Murders Newborn

    Leiyla Cepeda is an alleged teen killer who would murder her newborn soon after giving birth to the little girl. According to police reports Leiyla Cepeda, who was seventeen at the time of the murder, would give birth to a little girl and then proceeded to stab the newborn to death with a pair of scissors. Leiyla Cepeda who is…

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  • Crime Newsjacob scott

    Jacob Scott Gets 85 Years In Prison For Child Rape

    Jacob Scott is a sexual predator from Mississippi who was just sentenced to 85 years in prison for the sexual assault of a fourteen year old girl dozens of times and the girl ended up pregnant. Instead of staying in Mississippi to face a host of charges Jacob Scott would run and fake his death. However two years later Jacob…

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  • Death Row Inmatesjoshua burgess

    Joshua Burgess North Carolina Death Row

    Joshua Burgess has been sentenced to death by the State of North Carolina for the murder of a fifteen year old girl. According to court documents Joshua Burgess would sexually assault, torture and eventually murder his fifteen year old stepdaughter Zaria Burgess, in Monroe, North Carolina. According to police reports the vicious assault spanned nearly 22 hours. Fifteen year old…

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  • Crime Newsdaniel issac marquez florida

    10 YR Old Daniel Issac Marquez Arrested For School Shooting Threat

    Ten year old Daniel Issac Marquez was arrested for making threats regarding a school shooting in Florida. According to police reports Daniel Issac Marquez made threats on social media stating that he was planning a school shooting at Patriot Elementary School in Cape Coral Florida and that he scammed a friend for money and bought an automatic rifle. Needless to…

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  • Teen KillersFelipe Vazquez

    Felipe Vazquez Teen Killer Murders Police Officer

    Felipe Vazquez was a seventeen year old from Nebraska who would shoot and kill a police officer. According to court documents a number of police officers were in the process of serving a warrant on Felipe Vazquez for assault when the teen killer began firing. One of the shots would strike Lincoln police investigator Mario Herrera who would later die…

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  • Teen Killersross mcfarland alabama

    Ross McFarland Teen Killer Murders Fathers Fiance

    Ross McFarland was a sixteen year old from Alabama when he shot and killed his father’s fiance Martha Jones ‘Marti’ White, 66, in Auburn. According to court documents the teen killer was upset that his father was engaged to another woman less than a year after his mother died. Ross McFarland would fatally shoot the woman. The teen killer was…

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  • Death Row Inmatesdavid ware

    David Ware Oklahoma Death Row

    David Ware was sentenced to death by the State of Oklahoma for the murder of a police officer. According to court documents David Ware was pulled over during a traffic stop and would open fire on two officers killing one and injuring the second. David Ware would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death. David Ware 2022 Information David Ware…

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  • Teen KillersMilana Li

    Daniel Gore Teen Killer Charged In Milana Li Murder

    Daniel Gore a sixteen year old alleged teen killer from Oregon has been charged with the murder of thirteen year old Milana Li. According to police reports thirteen year old Milana Li body was found at Westside Linear Park near the southern border of Beaverton, Oregon after the sixth grader was reported missing earlier this month. Beaverton Oregon police have…

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  • Crime NewsJulissa Thaler

    Julissa Thaler Arrested For Sons Murder

    Julissa Thaler is a woman from Minnesota who was just arrested after police pulled over her vehicle and found the body of her six year old son in the trunk of the car. According to police reports Julissa Thaler was driving around in a vehicle that was driving on its rim with the back window blown out. When police searched…

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  • Crime NewsMakaylia Jolley

    Makaylia Jolley Murders 8 Week Old Infant

    Makaylia Jolley is a woman from Pearl Mississippi who has just been charged with capital murder in the brutal death of her eight week old infant. According to police reports Makaylia Jolley was seen slamming the eight week old daughter, Khalysie Lashay Jolley, on a road way. Someone called 911 and the infant was rushed to the hospital however she…

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