• Death Row Inmatesjohn quintanilla

    John Quintanilla Texas Execution

    John Quintanilla was executed by the State of Texas for the murder of a retired Sheriff Deputy. According to court documents John Quintanilla was released from prison a few months before he decided to rob and amusement park. During the armed robbery John Quintanilla would shoot and kill Victor Billings as he attempted to stop the robbery. John Quintanilla would…

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  • Death Row Inmatesbrian davis

    Brian Davis Oklahoma Execution

    Brian Davis was executed by the State of Oklahoma for a sexual assault and murder. According to court documents Brian Davis returned home to find his girlfriend and daughter missing. Brian Davis would call his girlfriends mother to ask about their whereabouts. The mother could not reach her daughter and would go over to her daughters apartment. When she arrived…

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  • Death Row Inmatesjames derosa oklahoma

    James Derosa Oklahoma Execution

    James Derosa was executed by the State of Oklahoma for a double murder. According to court documents James Derosa and John Castleberry would go to a ranch where James worked. The two men would talk themselves into the home where they would murder the elderly couple and rob the home. John Castleberry would quickly plead guilty and be sentenced to…

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  • Death Row Inmateswilliam van poyck

    William Van Poyck Florida Execution

    William Van Poyck was executed by the State of Florida for the murder of a prison guard during an escape. According to court documents William Van Poyck and Frank Valdes would ambush prison guards while they were transporting inmate James O’Brien to a medical appointment outside of the prison. Correctional officer Fred Griffis was fatally shot in the chest. Unable…

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  • Crime Newsdarrell brooks

    Darrell Brooks Arrested In Wisconsin Massacre

    Darrell Brooks has been arrested for the massacre in Wisconsin that has left five people dead and 49 injured. According to Waukesha Wisconsin police Darrell Brooks was driving the red SUV that plowed into crowds of people gathered at a Santa Clause parade. Darrell Brooks who was bailed out of jail after trying to run over his girlfriend and child…

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  • Crime NewsPerez Reed

    Perez Reed Charged With 6 Murders

    Perez Reed a suspected serial killer has now been charged with six murders. According to police Perez Reed who was initially charged with four murders in Missouri is now facing two more murder charges in Kansas. Below is Perez Reed timeline Perez Reed Timeline September 12 – Perez Reed would shoot a man several times in the chest. The man…

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  • Crime Newsyoung dolph

    Young Dolph Murder Suspects Photos Released

    In todays crime news, Just days after the murder of Young Dolph in Memphis Tennessee police have issued a photo of the two suspects in hopes it will lead to arrest. Young Dolph whose real name is Adolph Thornton, Jr. was at a popular bakery called Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies when he was approached by the two suspects who would…

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  • Crime Newsamanda martinez photos

    Amanda Martinez Throws Hot Soup Is Arrested

    In another weird crime news Amanda Martinez was arrested after she threw a hot bowl of soup at a restaurant manager. According to police reports Amanda Martinez was at the Sol de Jalisco restaurant in Temple in Texas and was complaining that the soup she was given was so hot that it was melting the plastic lid. When Amanda Martinez…

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  • Crime Newszac stacy mugshot

    Former NFL Player Zac Stacy Arrested For Brutal Assault

    Former NFL running back Zac Stacy was arrested for a brutal assault that was caught on tape. The former pro football player was seen in the video physically assaulting the mother of his child Kristin Evans. Following the assault Zac Stacy would flee to Nashville Tennessee. Kristin Evans would go online asking for people to help find the coward. Zac…

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  • Serial Killerrodney alcala

    Rodney Alcala The Dating Game Serial Killer

    Rodney Alcala was a serial killer who would torment California for two years in which he would be convicted of five murders however it is believed that Rodney Alcala was responsible for many more.. In this article on My Crime Library we will take a closer look at The Dating Game serial killer. Rodney Alcala Early Years Rodney Alcala was…

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