dillen murray photos

Dillen Murray Teen Killer Murders Friend With A Bat

Dillen Murray was sixteen years old when he murdered another teenager with a bat over a girl. According to authorities Dillen Murray had previously attacked the teen on two different occasions would fatally beat the victim to death with a baseball bat over a girl that both of the teenagers were interested in. Apparently Dillen […]

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daniel pate photos

Daniel Pate Teen Killer Murders Uncle

Daniel Pate was seventeen when he was involved in an argument with his uncle that would end in murder. According to authorities Daniel Pate and his uncle Michael Pate where involved in an argument outside of his home. Somewhere along the line Daniel Pate would arm himself and would shoot and kill his uncle while […]

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micheal campbell photos

Michael Campbell Teen Killer Murders Online Girlfriend

Michael Campbell was seventeen years old when he murdered a sixteen year old girl he had met for the first time. According to court documents Michael Campbell and Shayna Ritthaler met on an online dating website and soon after started to date online. The two made plans for Shayna Ritthaler to run away and live […]

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andrew vineyard photos

Andrew Vineyard Teen Killer Gets 7 Years For Brutal Murder

Andrew Vineyard was fifteen years old when he committed a brutal murder in Oregon, attempted to murder another man and ultimately would receive a light prison sentence. According to authorities Andrew Vineyard would beat his fathers girlfriend, Kimberly Forness, slit her throat then sexually abused her body. Initially prosecutors wanted to charge the teen killer […]

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Burnches Mitchell

Burnches Mitchell Teen Killer Released Kills Again

Burnches Mitchell was just thirteen years old when he stabbed James Fields to death and he was sentenced to ten years in the Texas Youth Commission. Soon after he was released Burnches Mitchell started to commit violent armed robberies and soon one would end with a murder. Burnches Mitchell would enter a convenience store and […]

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Kody Harlan And Jaiden Caruso

Kody Harlan And Jaiden Caruso Teen Killers Convicted In Vegas Murder

Matthew Winkler thought he was with friends however Kody Harlan And Jaiden Caruso would end his life in a brutal fashion. According to authorities in Las Vegas Matthew Winkler was at a party at an abandoned house when he was fatally shot in the head by Jaiden Caruso and Kody Harlan would steal money from […]

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