Dakota Thornton teen killer

Dakota Thornton Teen Killer Murders Brother

Dakota Thornton was fifteen years old from Pennsylvania when he murdered his older brother. According to court documents Dakota Thornton was in love with his brother’s girlfriend so he figured the best way to deal with it was to kill his brother. This teen killer would fatally shoot his brother with a shotgun. Once police […]

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natasha cornett teen killer

Natasha Cornett Teen Killer Lillelid Murders

Natasha Cornett was eighteen years old when she took part in the now infamous Lillelid murders in Tennessee. According to court documents Natasha Cornett along with Edward Dean Mullins, 19; Joseph Lance Risner, 20; Crystal R. Sturgill, 18; Jason Blake Bryant, 14; and Karen R. Howell, 17 were on a road trip to New Orleans […]

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Jessica Burlew teen killer

Jessica Burlew Teen Killer Murders Man In Bed

Jessica Burlew was a sixteen year old from Arizona when she murdered a man she was having sex with. According to court documents Jessica Burlew would wrap an electrical cord around the forty three year old victims neck and strangle him. Jessica Burlew told police it was an accident however she would ultimately be charged […]

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natasha ellis teen killer

Natasha Ellis Teen Killer Murders Friends Mother

Natasha Ellis was fifteen years old when she planned with a thirteen year old friend to murder the friend’s mother. According to court documents Natasha Ellis would fatally stab the woman, the woman’s husband and their teenage son. The woman, Lee Moore would die from her injuries. The man and teenage son would survive the […]

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Lorraine Hunter women on death row

Lorraine Hunter Women On Death Row

Lorraine Hunter is currently on California Death Row for the murder of her husband in order to collect the insurance money. According to court documents Lorraine Hunter took out two additional insurance policies worth over three quarters of a million dollars in the weeks preceding the murder. On the night of the murder Lorraine Hunter […]

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Michelle Sue Tharp women on death row

Michelle Sue Tharp Women On Death Row

Michelle Sue Tharp is on Pennsylvania Death Row for the murder of her seven year old daughter. According to court documents Michelle Sue Tharp daughter Tausha Lee Lanham who was under twenty pounds when she died in 1998. Michelle Sue Tharp would be convicted and sentenced to death. Michelle Sue Tharp 2021 Information Parole Number: 983CUAge: 52Date […]

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