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David Miller Tennessee Execution

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David Miller was executed by the State of Tennessee for beating to death a woman. According to court documents David Miller invited over Lee Standifer to a home where he was staying and would proceed to beat to death the woman. David Miller would be executed by way of the electric chair on December 6, […]

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Edmund Zagorski Tennessee Execution

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Edmund Zagorski was executed by the State of Tennessee for a double murder that was committed in 1983. According to court documents Edmund Zagorski would fatally shoot than slit the throats of John Dotson and Jimmy Porter during a drug deal turned robbery. Edmund Zagorski would be executed by way of electric chair on November 1,

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Stephen West Tennessee Execution

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Stephen West was executed by the State of Tennessee for the murders of a mother and her daughter in 1986. According to court documents Stephen West would attack the mother and her fifteen year old daughter who would also be sexually assaulted before both victims were stabbed to death. Stephen West would be executed by

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Donnie Johnson Tennessee Execution

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Donnie Johnson was executed by the State of Tennessee for the murder of his wife. According to court documents Donnie Johnson would murder his wife by stuffing a thirty gallon trash bag down his throat. Donnie Johnson would be executed by lethal injection on May 16, 2019 Donnie Johnson More News Donnie Johnson, the Memphis

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Nicholas Sutton Tennessee Execution

nicholas sutton execution

Nicholas Sutton was executed by the State of Tennessee for a prison murder. According to court documents Nicholas Sutton was serving three life sentences for three murders when he stabbed a fellow prisoner to death in 1985 over drugs. Remarkably during the time that he had spent in prison he would come to the aid

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