Eric Holmes Indiana Death Row

eric holmes indiana death row

Eric Holmes was sentenced to death by the State of Indiana for a series of murders. According to court documents Eric Holmes was fired from his job and would wait outside of the restaurant until closing times. When three employees were leaving the restaurant they were forced back inside by Eric Holmes and his accomplice Michael Vance . The employees were forced into a freezer where they would be stabbed repeatedly. Two of the employees would die from their injuries. Eric Holmes would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death. Michael Vance was sentenced to 190 years in prison

Indiana Death Row Inmate List

Eric Holmes 2021 Information

DOC Number932132
First NameERIC
Middle NameD
Date of Birth08/23/1968
Facility/LocationIndiana State Prison
Earliest Possible Release Date *
*Offenders scheduled for release on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday are released on Monday. Offenders scheduled for release on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday are released on Thursday. Offenders whose release date falls on a Holiday are released on the first working day prior to the Holiday.

Eric Holmes More News

The evidence tending to support the verdicts against Eric Holmes showed that he got into an argument with his fellow worker Amy Foshee and was fired from his job at a Shoney’s restaurant where he had worked for at least three months. At the time of closing that day, Charles Ervin, a manager, Theresa Blosl, a manager, and Amy Foshee, a worker, were leaving the restaurant. Ervin was carrying the till. Eric Holmes, then 21 years of age, and Michael Vance trapped the three in the foyer, Eric Holmes preventing them from going outside and Michael Vance preventing them from going back inside. Holmes and Vance attacked the three and grabbed the till. The three were *846 grabbed and stabbed multiple times. Appellant said, “Murder in the first degree,” “This is the real truth?” and “We will triumph.” Ervin and Blosl died, but Foshee survived.

Gail Watkins, a friend of Raymond Vance and also a worker at Shoney’s, left work with Raymond Vance and appellant, who said of Amy Foshee, “I’m going to kill that bitch tonight.” He also said he was going to spit on her glasses.

Foshee testified at trial, described the attack in detail, and identified Eric Holmes and Michael Vance. While appellant had been fired from his job at the restaurant hours before the attack, Michael Vance had started working there that day upon being rehired. Foshee could not recall whether it had been appellant or Vance who had stabbed her.

Raymond Vance, brother of Michael Vance and also an employee of the restaurant, also testified at trial. He said that Michael Vance had driven another brother’s car to the restaurant and parked it in the lot on the same night. Raymond was dozing in the car. He saw Eric Holmes and Michael Vance talking in front of the restaurant with Ervin and Blosl. Then appellant and Michael Vance entered the car. Appellant said “Mike, I did it. I was wrong but I did it”. Both then said, “We’re ruthless.” Both were covered with blood from the waist down. Raymond went with them to change cars, procure a motel room, shower, change clothes, and discard some things. Appellant was bleeding from cut wounds on his hand. Raymond testified pursuant to a plea agreement for a five year sentence for assisting appellant and Michael Vance.

Laura Scott testified that she lived with Andy Vance in an apartment and that Michael and Raymond Vance sometimes stayed there. She further testified that appellant and Michael Vance came to the apartment at one or two a.m. on November 16, 1989 and began to play loud music. She saw blood on the rug and wall of her bathroom. Appellant said, “I killed the mother fuckers.” The police soon knocked on the door, and Michael Vance and appellant ran to the back of the apartment, but were soon arrested.

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