Eric Holmes Indiana Death Row

eric holmes indiana death row

Eric Holmes was sentenced to death by the State of Indiana for a series of murders. According to court documents Eric Holmes was fired from his job and would wait outside of the restaurant until closing times. When three employees were leaving the restaurant they were forced back inside by Eric Holmes and his accomplice … Read more

William Gibson Indiana Death Row

william gibson indiana death row

William Gibson was sentenced to death by the State of Indiana for the murder of a woman. According to court documents William Gibson would murder a woman who came over to help him through the grieving process when his mother died. William Gibson would sexually assault and murder the woman. After he was arrested police … Read more

Joseph Corcoran Indiana Death Row

Joseph Corcoran indiana death row

Joseph Corcoran was sentenced to death by the State of Indiana for the murder of a police officer. According to court documents Joseph Corcoran was upset after he heard people talking about him. Joseph Corcoran would murder shot his brother, his brother’s two friends and his sisters fiance. Joseph Corcoran would be convicted and sentenced … Read more

Raymond Childs III Charged With 6 Counts Of Murder

Raymond Childs III

Raymond Childs III has been charged with six counts of murder related to a shooting in Indianapolis Indiana that left five people dead including a pregnant woman who was due to give birth any day. According to police Raymond Childs III would shoot dead his parents while they were laying in their bed and then … Read more

Connor Kerner Teen Killer Murders 2 Teens

Connor Kerner Teen Killer

Connor Kerner was seventeen years old when he would murder two teens during a robbery in Indiana. According to court documents Connor Kerner was at his Grandparents home when the two victims came over, Molley Lanham, 19,  and Thomas Grill, 18, to buy drugs. Connor Kerner would shoot and then beat Thomas Gill with a … Read more