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Max Winkler Teen Killer Thrill Kill

Max Winkler Teen Killer Thrill Kill

Max Winkler was seventeen years old when he wanted to know what it would feel like to kill someone. The teen killer from Indiana would pick a random victim and would shoot the seventy three year old man three times before slitting his throat. Max Winkler would try to get off on the mentally ill defence however the judge would not go for it. Maxwell Winkler would be sentenced to eighty years in prison with no chance of parole for sixty years

Max Winkler 2023 Information

DOC Number264481
Middle NameH
Date of Birth03/13/1997
Facility/LocationMiami Correctional Level 3 Facility
Earliest Possible Release Date *
*Offenders scheduled for release on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday are released on Monday. Offenders scheduled for release on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday are released on Thursday. Offenders whose release date falls on a Holiday are released on the first working day prior to the Holiday.

Max Winkler More News

A Fishers teen convicted of murder in a “thrill kill” has been sentenced to 80 years in prison.

Max Winkler pleaded guilty last month to guilty but mentally ill to murder and firearm enhancement. According to the terms of his plea agreement Winkler could be eligible for parole after serving 60 years.

Winkler was a 17-year-old high school student when prosecutors said he killed 73-year-old Henry Kim, shooting him three times and cutting his throat. It happened in November 2014 while Kim was walking in a park near his home. Court records showed Winkler had a handwritten note with the supplies and steps needed to carry out a murder. In one note, he wrote himself a reminder to “enjoy the kill.”

A jury trial had been scheduled to start on Jan. 19, but Winkler and his attorney agreed to a plea deal before the trial began.

Max Winkler Other News

Feb. 5 update: Maxwell Winkler, 18, was sentenced Friday to 80 years in prison for the killing of an elderly man. The sentence was part of a plea agreement Winkler reached with Hamilton County prosecutors in January.

Earlier: An 18-year-old Fishers resident accused of killing an elderly man is pleading guilty to murder and firearm charges — a decision that could send him to prison for much of his adult life.

A plea agreement that Maxwell Winkler reached with Hamilton County prosecutors calls for a sentence of 65 years in prison for the murder charge and another 20 years for the firearm enhancement. The plea deal requires Winkler to spend 80 years in prison and to be on probation for five years.

The Hamilton County prosecutor’s office is dropping its request for life imprisonment without parole as part of the plea deal.

Winkler is facing a murder charge in the death of 73-year-old Henry Kim. Police found Kim’s body, along with several .22-caliber shell casings, on Nov. 1, 2014 at Windermere Park in Fishers. He was shot three times and his throat was slashed.

The Fishers teen was arrested three days later, after police found a .22-caliber handgun, ammunition and handwritten notes outlining details of a seven-step plan to kill. Court records say the notes contained a list of supplies, including gloves and “kill tools.” The items were found in Winkler’s mother’s home.

Winkler, dressed in an orange jail uniform during a hearing Thursday in Hamilton Superior Court, was previously diagnosed and treated for a mental illness. But experts who examined Winkler found he is still able to understand the consequences of his actions.

Winkler’s jury trial was previously scheduled to start on Jan. 19.

A judge must accept the plea deal before it becomes final. That won’t happen until Winkler’s sentencing hearing on Feb. 5.

Indiana law requires Winkler to serve 75 percent of his sentence.

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Max Wrinkler Now

Max Wrinkler is currently incarcerated at the Miami Facility

Max Wrinker Release Date

Max Wrinkler current release date is 2074

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