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Nickalas Kedrowitz Teen Killer Smothers Siblings

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Nickalas Kedrowitz was a thirteen year old from Indiana who would murder his two infant step siblings. According to court documents Nickalas Kedrowitz would his 23-month-old half-sister, Desiree McCartney, in May 2017 and his 11-month-old stepbrother, Nathaniel Ritz, in July 2017. The now fifteen year old Nickalas Kedrowitz would be found guilty of both counts of murder. The teen killer will be sentenced in November 2021 where he faces over forty years in prison

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Nickalas Kedrowitz is due to be sentenced in November 2021

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In a case that dates back to May 1, 2017, a pre-trial hearing was held in Ripley County Circuit Court last Friday, January 10 at 1:30 p.m. Nickalas Kedrowitz, 15, was clad in a blue jumpsuit with Juvenile Center Inmate imprinted on the back as he was escorted into the courtroom by Ripley County Transport Officers, Winston Halcomb, Randy Thieman, and Ripley County Sheriff’s Deputy, Jordan Hartmann. Kedrowitz’s attorneys, Mark Jones and Lynn Fledderman, asked for a continuance from the February 18 date for a jury trial.

Kedrowitz is accused of killing two of his siblings – Desiree McCartney, two-years-old and Nathaniel Ritz, 11-months old, just 81 days apart at their Osgood home in 2017. In an Affidavit for Probable Cause, Kedrowitz told police “he didn’t want to hurt them (deceased siblings), but he had to set them free from this hell. He said he didn’t leave any bruises or scratches on them.” 

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The attorneys asked for the continuance saying a doctor had just recently examined Kedrowitz and had adjusted his psychotic medications. They also asked for additional time to get properly prepared for the trial. Judge Ryan King asked the State if they had received any information from doctors on this turn of events. Prosecuting Attorney Ric Hertel noted that his office had not received anything.

The Judge then asked Defense if they had a report, and they said they did not. They all agreed that the documentation, if and when it is forthcoming, should be shared with the Court and State. Whether or not the documentation from the doctor will be public is to be determined.While the Judge did continue the jury trial date to a possible summer date, he noted, “This could go on forever,” referring to Kedrowitz being sent to several different doctors and medications changing. He told Defense they needed to be preparing for trial. 

Another pre-trial hearing was set for March 19 at 1:30 p.m. in Judge King’s court. The case gained great media coverage as it initially unfolded, but at the hearing last week, only the maternal grandmother of Kedrowitz sat in the courtroom. She noted, “This is tearing our family apart. It’s just been hard.” Prior to the pretrial hearing, Kedrowitz turned around and spoke to his grandmother. They had what appeared to be a casual conversation and a few smiles were exchanged. Ripley Publishing Co. was the only media in the courtroom.


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A Ripley County jury convicted an Osgood teen of two counts of murder on Monday, according to court documents.

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Nickalas Kedrowitz, 17, was found guilty of smothering his two siblings — his 23-month-old half-sister, Desiree McCartney, in May 2017 and his 11-month-old stepbrother, Nathaniel Ritz, in July 2017.

Kedrowitz was only 13 years old when the murders took place, but Indiana law allowed for him to be tried as an adult.

The teen now faces a sentence of 45-65 years for each count of murder. The sentencing is scheduled to take place on Nov. 10.


Nickalas Kedrowitz More News

An Indiana teen is now facing dozens of years behind bars after a jury convicted him of killing two of his young siblings in 2017.

The verdict came down Friday, Aug. 20. The jury deliberated for just over six hours before finding Nickalas Kedrowitz guilty of murdering his 11-month-old stepbrother, Nathaniel Ritz, and nearly 2-year-old half-sister, Desiree McCartney. Kedrowitz was 13 years old at the time.

Investigators said Kedrowitz smothered the kids to death. Both were killed at the family’s home in Osgood, about 60 miles southeast of Indianapolis.

A judge previously found Kedrowitz competent to stand trial and ordered him to adult court. Indiana law allows juveniles as young as 12 to be tried as adults for murder.

Kedrowitz is set to be sentenced Nov. 10 in Ripley Circuit Court. He’s facing 45-65 years on each murder count. He is being held in the Ripley County Jail.

13News spoke with Christina McCartney, the mother of the children, in 2018.

“I’m grateful for the time I got to spend with my babies, but my heart breaks for the time that I am missing that has been taken from me, by the hands of my own son,” McCartney said, crying.

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