Roy Ward Indiana Death Row

roy ward indiana death row

Roy Ward was sentenced to death by the State of Indiana for the sexual assault and murder of a teenager. According to court documents Roy Ward entered a home and attacked the fifteen year old girl with a knife, while he was sexually assaulting her, the victims fourteen year old sister phoned 911. Roy Ward would stab the fifteen year old to death before the police arrived. Roy Ward was arrested at the scene, later convicted and sentenced to death.

Indiana Death Row Inmate List

Roy Ward 2021 Information

DOC Number914976
First NameROY
Middle NameL
Last NameWARD
Date of Birth07/20/1972
Facility/LocationIndiana State Prison
Earliest Possible Release Date *
*Offenders scheduled for release on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday are released on Monday. Offenders scheduled for release on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday are released on Thursday. Offenders whose release date falls on a Holiday are released on the first working day prior to the Holiday.

Roy Ward More News

The folks in Dale, Indiana are shocked by the news that a death row inmate will get a new trial for the brutal murder of 15-year-old Stacey Payne.

The Indiana Supreme Court ruled Roy Lee Ward’s trial should have been venue out of Spencer County. Or the jurors should have been brought in, because of pretrial publicity prevented him from getting a fair trial.

Obviously, the Payne family is very disappointed with not only the Supreme Court’s decision, but also the legal system in general. They say they are being victimized all over again, by a system set up to protect them.

The Payne family has met with the prosecutor. They told him if the state felt it was appropriate to seek death in the first trial, it’s their feeling it should be appropriate in the second. They are also extremely frustrated, when from the very beginning the defense admitted he did it.

It’s now in the hands of the prosecutor, who has some time to respond. He has to decided on what action the state will take and whether they will again seek the death penalty.

Newswatch spent the day with Stacy’s aunt, and found out just how the family feels about this.

She worries for Stacy’s younger sister, Melissa.  She was at home when her sister was brutally attacked, and was the one who called 911.

“For a 15-year-old to see the judicial system working like this, and to feel the devastation of Wednesday, and saying I went through this once and I have to do it again. Can I do it again, is hard. And can the family do it again? I don’t know.”

The family is facing old emotions that never completely left.

“There’s the anger that only comes out to Roy Lee Ward and the question why did he do this to our child, why did he do this.”

But with that comes additional anger the second time around.

“That the system cares more about him and values him more than the law abiding citizens, and put so much into raising a child that is good and he can take it, and we protect him.”

“The huge hole that never completely heals is just gaping again.”

A Tri-State man sentenced to death for killing a Dale, Indiana teenager will get a new trial.

In a unanimous decision, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled that Roy Lee Ward’s trial should not have taken place in Spencer County because of pre-trial publicity. The court says Ward’s trial should have been moved or jurors should have been taken from another county. The court says that half the twelve jurors said before the trial that they believed Ward was guilty.

Defense Attorney Barbara Williams says the court’s decision means the case against Ward will have to start from scratch with Ward being returned to Spencer County for arraignment. No dates have been set.

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