Anna Bella Dukes Teen Killer Allegedly Set Up Car Jacking Murder

Anna Bella Dukes

Anna Bella Dukes is an eighteen year old alleged teen killer who set up a meeting over Snapchat that led to murder. According to police reports Anna Bella Dukes set up a meeting with the victims brother at a remote location in the early hours. When the victim showed up with his brother the pair would be robbed and Elias Otero would be fatally shot by seventeen year old Adrian Avila. Now Anna Bella Dukes and Adrian Avila have been arrested and charged with first degree murder and armed robbery. Below is the police report of the murder:

“The suspects dragged the victim from his red Lexus and demanded cash, jewelry and a gun from him. They entered the Lexus and another vehicle, holding the victim at gunpoint and drove to the victim’s residence. The carjacking suspects ordered the victim to call his brother and have him bring money and a gun outside, or they would shoot and kill the victim.

When they arrived at the victim’s home on Timothy Ct. S.W., the victim’s brother, later identified as Elias Otero, came out of the house and threatened to shoot the suspects. At some point, Avila fired a gun at Otero, killing him in the street.

The original carjacking victim jumped out of the vehicle as the suspects fled the scene.”

Anna Bella Dukes More News

 An Albuquerque teen pleaded not guilty Friday morning to kidnapping and murder. Police say 18-year-old Anna Bella Dukes lured a man into a robbery through social media last year.

APD believes Dukes, along with Adrian Avila and two other suspects held the victim at gunpoint demanding cash, jewelry, and a gun. They allegedly drove to his home and when they arrived, his brother, 24-year-old Elias Otero, came out of the house and threatened to shoot the suspects.

Police say Avila then show and killed Otero. Prosecutors are now asking a judge to keep her locked up until trial, saying Dukes went on the run for nearly a year before she was arrested. A different judge will have to make that determination.

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