Amber Chapman Charged With Putting Child In Dryer

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Amber Chapman has been charged with felony child abuse for putting a four year old boy inside of a dryer and turning it on. According to police reports the four year old boy would arrive at the hospital with bruising on his body and face. When asked by the doctors what happened he allegedly told the doctor that Amber Chapman put him inside of the dryer and he went round and round. Apparently at one point Amber Chapman opened the door, looked at the child and then turned the dryer back on. Amber Chapman has been charged with aggravated child abuse.

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A Lake County woman has been arrested after the sheriff’s office says she put a child she was caring for in a dryer and spun him around inside. 

Amber Chapman, 35, of Eustis, is facing an aggravated child abuse charge

According to an arrest affidavit, on Feb. 1, the 4-year-old child was brought to UF Health Leesburg Hospital where the boy reportedly stated that “Miss Amber” put him in the dryer with towels, and he spun around

During an interview with the victim on Feb. 7, the boy told investigators that Chapman put him in a dryer, closed the door and he “went round and round,” according to the arrest affidavit. Chapman then reportedly opened the door, closed it, and spun the boy again.

While being examined for injuries at the Children’s Advocacy Center, the medical staff stated that the boy had several bruises to his face, back and ears. 

The arrest affidavit stated that probable cause exists for Chapman to be arrested for child abuse.

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