Christopher Horne Jr Charged In Kayla Rincon-Miller Murder

Christopher Horne Jr
Christopher Horne Jr

Christopher Horne Jr is an alleged teen killer from Florida who has been charged as an adult for the murder of Kayla Rincon-Miller

According to police reports Kayla Rincon-Miller was walking with a group of friends when she was approached by a vehicle driven by Thomas Stein when she would be fatally shot by Christopher Horne Jr. Police believe the purpose behind the shooting was a robbery gone wrong

Thomas Stein was arrested first where he would be charged with robbery and murder

A month later Christopher Horne Jr would be arrested and has been charged with robbery and murder

Christopher Horne Jr News

The second teenager arrested in connection with the shooting death of 15-year-old Kayla Rincon-Miller faced a judge Thursday.

Christopher Devon Horne Jr., 16, of Cape Coral, arrested Wednesday by Cape Coral police, appeared before Lee Circuit Judge Gilberto Perez, who ordered he will be held in juvenile detention for 21 days and was ordered no contact with Rincon-Miller’s family or Thomas Stein, 16, the other teenager arrested in the case.

Horne, who faces charges of principal to a homicide while engaged in a robbery, is next due in court May 6. Meanwhile, Stein’s case was moved to adult court April 11.

During an April 11 hearing, after the testimony of Cape Coral police Detective Michael Lasalandra, Lee Circuit Judge Robert Branning ruled that Thomas Stein be held without bond related to the March 17 shooting. He will be tried as an adult

Lasalandra, who’s been a detective at Cape Coral police’s Violent Crimes Unit for four years, said he was working March 17 and responded to the shooting of Rincon-Miller at Southeast 20th Street and Southeast 16th Lane.

Lasalandra said Rincon-Miller died at a hospital. The police detective said he spoke with two witnesses who were with Rincon-Miller, and they gave descriptions of the people who robbed them.

Lasalandra revealed that surveillance footage captured the car, but not the murder. When they ran the license plate, he said, it showed the vehicle was a rental registered to Hertz.

A search warrant revealed the SUV was rented to Thomas Stein’s mother, Jessica Stein. Lasalandra said Hertz has a GPS tracking system that helped them place the rented SUV at the scene.

While a preliminary report from Cape Coral police indicated investigators didn’t believe Thomas Stein was the shooter, Lasalandra said that piece of the puzzle remained under investigation as of April 11.

Cape Coral police Chief Anthy Sizemore on Wednesday didn’t confirm Horne’s role in the homicide.

“There will be a few,” Sizemore said when asked Wednesday if any further arrests are expected in Rincon-Miller’s death.

Police reports indicate at least two individuals brandished firearms when the SUV blinded Rincon-Miller and her two friends with its headlights

Christopher Horne Jr Other News

Christopher Devon Horne, Jr., 16, did not appear before a judge on Monday morning. The judge said there was no need to bring the teen into the courtroom as he will be charged as an adult.

WINK News Reporter Asha Patel attended Monday morning’s court hearing. She saw at least 10 of Horne, Jr.’s friends and family. His mother was in tears as she heard her son would face adult charges.

Horne, Jr. is the second suspect, the second teen, arrested for the murder of Kayla Rincon-Miller.

He was arrested on Wednesday, April 17, one month to the day after Rincon-Miller was violently gunned down following an attempted robbery in Cape Coral. She, and two friends, were walking to a McDonald’s after going to the movies.

Horne, Jr. is charged as a principal to a homicide while engaged in a robbery, the exact charges as Thomas Stein, a 16-year-old who faces charges as an adult.

Stein was arrested on March 19, two days after Rincon-Miller’s murder, accused of being the getaway driver during the robbery.

Second teen accused in murder of Kayla Rincon-Miller to face charges as an adult
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