Noah Galle Arrested For Crash That Killed 6 People

Noah Galle

Noah Galle is a teenager from Florida who was just arrested for a car crash that killed six people. According to police reports Noah Galle was driving a vehicle in excess of 150 miles per hour when he crashed into a Nissan Rogue SUV and killed six people inside of the vehicle. The crash that took place in late January 2022 and investigators would later learn that Noah Galle never hit the brakes before he struck the Nissan Rogue. Noah Galle would be arrested and charged with six counts of vehicular homicide causing death.

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An arrest has been made in a crash that killed six people in Delray Beach earlier this year.

The crash happened in January. Investigators said 17-year-old Noah Galle was driving 151 miles per hour in a BMW when he hit the back of a Nissan Rogue SUV on S. State Road 7.

The Rogue then rolled over before stopping upside down. Five of the people inside the Rogue were pronounced dead on the scene, while a sixth died after being transported to the hospital.

According to the crash report from Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, the names of the victims are as follows: 45-year-old Mirlaine I. Julceus, 46-year-old Filaine Dieu, 29-year-old Vanice Percina, 53-year-old Remize Michel, Marie M. Louis and Saint L. Michel.

Marie Michelle Louis was one of the victims in the Rogue. Her granddaughter, Britney Antoine of Wellington, said she was with friends in the car.

On Wednesday, crash investigators said they found no signs of any braking prior to the crash.

The sheriff’s office also said the toxicology report on Galle came back clean.

Galle is being held at the Juvenile Detention Center.

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