Vickie Williams Charged In Darryl and Sharon Getman Murders

vickie williams

Vickie WIlliams is a woman from Florida who has been charged in the murders of Darryl and Sharon Getman. According to police reports Darryl and Sharon Getman were found dead inside of their home on New Years Day. Vickie Williams had been seen earlier in the day going house to house banging on people’s doors before security in the gated community threw her out. Vickie Williams who was seen driving their vehicle quickly became a person of interest. Police were able to track down Vickie Williams and now she has been charged with two counts of murder among other charges.

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    A woman accused of killing a Mount Dora couple appeared before a Lake County judge for the first time Saturday.

    Vickie Williams was arrested earlier this week in Georgia after being accused of driving a car belonging to Darryl and Sharon Getman.

    The couple was found dead in their home a week ago on New Year’s Day.

    Days after the murder, police said people saw Williams driving the Getman’s green car.

    A Lake County judge announced Williams is now charged in the murder of the retired couple.

    Mount Dora Police Chief Mike Gibson said this investigation spanned three states. He told Channel 9 he stands by his earlier statements that this incident was a random attack.

    “I believe it was someone that was simply passing through,” Gibson said.

    The police chief said he feels good about where the investigation stands. Williams is now officially facing murder charges in connection with the case, and those warrants have been served, Gibson said.

    Witnesses said before police found the couple, they saw Williams knocking on doors, trying to get inside people’s homes.

    “In that case, security did encounter her and did escort her back to the back of the complex or back of the compound,” Gibson said.

    Police said Williams later got back inside the community where the Getmans lived through gaps in the fencing.

    Right now, police are not releasing the manner of this couple’s death, but Williams’ next court appearance is on Jan. 30.

    In the past, law enforcement arrested Williams in connection to other cases.

    There were arrests for several cases in the 90s and early 2000s for various charges, including robbery and criminal trespassing. Recently, Williams pled guilty to theft for a 2016 arrest in South Carolina.

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