South Carolina Death Row Inmate List

south carolina

South Carolina Death Row for men is located at the Kirkland Correctional Institution and Broad River Correctional Institution. South Carolina primary method of execution is lethal injection

South Carolina Death Row Inmate List

Bayan Aleksey

Quincy Allen

Johnny O’Landis Bennett 

Steven Bixby

Ricky Blackwell

Marion Bowman

Stephen Bryant

James Bryant

Luzenski Cottrell

Donnie Council

William Dickerson

Ron Finklea

Mar-Reece Hughes

Jerry Inman

Jerome Jenkins

Donald Jones

Timothy Jones

Marion Lindsey

Mikal Mahdi

Richard Moore

Clinton Northcutt

Freddie Owens

Tyree Roberts

Brad Sigmon

Mitchell Sims

Fred Singleton

Stephen Stanko

Sammie Stokes

Bobby Stone

Gary Terry

Andres Torres

James Wilson

Louis Winkler

John Wood

Anthony Woods

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