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bobby stone

Bobby Stone was sentenced to death by the State of South Carolina for the murder of Sumter County Sheriff Sergeant Charlie Kubala. According to court documents Bobby Stone would shoot and kill Sumter County Sheriff Sergeant Charlie Kubala when he responded to a domestic violence call. Bobby Stone would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

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Bobby Stone 2021 Information

Admission Date: 01/29/1997

Location: Broad River

Bobby Stone More News

This case arises out of the shooting death of a Sumter County Sheriff’s Deputy.   According to Appellant, he began the day leading up to the fatal encounter by purchasing some alcohol and two firearms.   Appellant spent the remainder of the day wandering in the woods near what would become the crime scene, shooting the firearms and becoming increasingly intoxicated.   Towards the end of the day, Appellant attempted to visit the home of an acquaintance near the woods.

The acquaintance asked Appellant to leave her property, and the acquaintance later reported the incident to the police.   After hearing banging on a door to her home and gunshots outside her house, the acquaintance phoned the police again.   The victim was the first officer to respond to the call, and the evidence at trial established that Appellant was on the acquaintance’s porch near a side door when the victim arrived at the scene.   The occupants of the home directed the victim towards the porch as the source of the disturbances, and as the victim neared the side porch, he sustained two fatal gunshot wounds.   While the State alleged that Appellant shot the victim intentionally, Appellant claimed that he was startled when the victim turned a corner outside the home and yelled “Halt!” or “Hold it!” and that the gun fired accidentally.

A jury convicted Appellant of murder and sentenced him to death

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