Jacinda Decaro Charged In 4 Year Old’s Murder

Jacinda Decaro

Jacinda Decaro is woman from Florida who has just been charged in the murder of her four year old daughter. According to police reports Jacinda Decaro was talking about suicide the night before and the person she was talking to asked police to perform a wellness check when they did not hear from her the next day. When police arrived they would find Jacinda Decaro unconscious on the bed and her four year old daughter deceased. Jacinda Decaro would be rushed to the hospital and treated and then arrested and charged with murder. The four year old girl,  Masiela Decaro, was found to have a high level of Benadryl in her system that likely caused her death. Jacinda Decaro had left a note on the nightstand stating that she was sorry.

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A mother accused of killing her 4-year-old daughter and then attempted to kill herself in a hotel room at an Osceola County resort in January has been charged for the little girls death.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office announced that Jacinda Decaro has been arrested for murder. The sheriff believes Decaro intentionally poisoned her daughter Masiela at the Star Island Resort in Kissimmee. He says the medical examiner’s toxicology report showed that high levels of Benadryl were found in Masiela.

Deputies say on Jan. 10 they responded to the Star Island Resort, located at 5000 Avenue of the Stars in reference to a “suicide attempt” call. 

Security had received a call from the mother of Decaro and requested a well-being check because she was unable to get ahold of her. 

“Michelle and Jacinda worked together and Jacinda had failed to show up to work,” deputies said in a press release. 

When security checked the room, they found the master bedroom door locked. When they entered the room, deputies say Jacinda and her daughter, Masiela, were both found unresponsive on the bed.

A note was found on the nightstand with the words, “I’m sorry,” the sheriff’s office said. 

“She had an opportunity that if she wanted to take her own life, she could have. She didn’t have to include this 4-year-old baby who hasn’t even begun to live,” the sheriff said Wednesday.

The state attorney’s office will determine the next steps in the case.

The sheriff’s office says there is no evidence to suggest there were any other individuals involved in the incident.


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