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Matthew Sisley Murders Mother In Florida

Matthew Sisley

Matthew Sisley is a twenty one year old man from Florida who would stab his mother to death. According to police reports Matthew Sisley would get into an argument with his mother where he complained that She Never Pushed To Become A Man which ended with him stabbing her repeatedly causing her death. After the police arrested Matthew Sisley he reportedly told authorities that he would do it again. Matthew Sisley has been charged with murder.

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A man admitted to killing his mother and severely injuring his sister at a home in Kissimmee, according to deputies.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office said on Tuesday afternoon deputies responded to a reported stabbing at a home. Inside deputies found a gruesome scene, a woman stabbed to death and another with severe cuts to her hands.

Investigators said the person responsible was identified as Matthew Stewart Sisley, 21, he was only a short distance away from the crime scene. Sisley was taken into custody and later confessed to intentionally stabbing his mother and accidentally stabbing his sister.

While detectives were conducting the interview, they asked if he believed his mother deserved to die. Shockingly, Sisley said yes.

The detective pushed for more information, asking Sisley why he killed her. His response, “Because she never pushed me to be a man.”

The detective even asked if he regretted doing it. Sisley said, “No. I would do it again.”

The sheriff’s office said Sisley was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Additional charges are forthcoming.

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