Mariya Lynn Kelly Guilty Of Mothers Murder

Mariya Lynn Kelly

Mariya Lynn Kelly has plead no contest in the murder of her mother in their Cape Coral Florida home. According to court documents Mariya Lynn Kelly would fatally stab her mother while she was doing the dishes. Apparently the two were doing dishes and according to Mariya Lynn Kelly her mother swatted her in the head and she stabbed her in the chest. 911 was called and when police arrived they found Mariya Lynn Kelly pacing in the front yard. Mariya Lynn Kelly told police that she did not mean to stab her mother. Mariya Lynn Kelly would be sentenced to fifteen years in prison

Mariya Lynn Kelly 2022 Information

DC Number:Y64010
Birth Date:04/13/1999
Initial Receipt Date:04/26/2022
Current Facility:FL.WOMENS RECPN.CTR
Current Custody:MEDIUM
Current Release Date:05/28/2035

Mariya Lynn Kelly More News

A Cape Coral woman who fatally stabbed her mother while they were putting away dishes is headed to prison for 15 years after she pleaded no contest in Lee County court.

Mariya Lynn Kelly, 22, who faced charges of manslaughter with a weapon, was adjudicated guilty by Judge Robert J. Branning and given an 180-month sentence on Friday. She was credited with 647 days served in Lee County Jail.

Cape Coral police responded June 17, 2020, to the 2500 block of SW Embers Terrace at 10:04 a.m. for a stabbing, according to a news release.

A police news release identified the suspect as Kelly and said she had fatally stabbed her mother.

A Cape Coral police report said Kelly told police she was involved in a verbal argument with a victim, later named as her mother by police, in the kitchen.

Kelly was holding a knife that was among dishes she was putting away. The report said she stabbed her mother with the knife one time in the chest after the victim hit her on the head during an argument.

Also in the home at the time of the stabbing were the victim’s other two children and Kelly’s toddler.

The Cape Coral police report said Kelly was pacing in the front yard when police arrived.

Court documents included a police interview with Kelly who told investigators there had been tension in the home for a few days including an argument between mother and daughter.

Prior to the stabbing that morning, Kelly told police, she and her mother were again arguing and that she was holding a knife while putting dishes away.

She said she told her mother “no” when her mother told her to put the knife down and then the woman started to hit her on the head and Kelly “jabbed” her one time in the chest with the knife.

Police said that when they told her her mother had died Kelly seemed in shock, began to cry and told police she didn’t intend to hurt her mother, didn’t mean for this to happen or her mother to die.

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