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Persia Nelson Charged In Halo Branton Death

Persia Nelson NYC

Persia Nelson the mother of Halo Branton has been charged with manslaughter in the death of the infant

According to police reports Halo Branton was allegedly kidnapped from Schenectady in New York State and a Amber Alert was issued for the eleven month old infant however it was canceled soon afterwards as the missing girl was found

Halo Branton would be rushed to the hospital where she would die shortly afterwards

Now Halo Branton mother Persia Nelson has been arrested and has been charged with manslaughter after she admitted to dropping the eleven month old girl down a pipe that was approximately ten feet deep with mud and water on the bottom

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Persia Nelson News

The mum of kidnapped baby Halo Branton has been charged with manslaughter.

Persia Nelson, 24, faces one count of second-degree manslaughter, after she allegedly “dropped the victim (her child) down an approximate ten foot deep pipe access area,” according to court filings.

According to the records, the area where the baby was dropped was filled with mud and water which caused the poor child’s death.

An Amber Alert for the missing 11-month-old was abruptly cancelled with news later emerging that Halo had been found and rushed to hospital. Sadly Lieutenant Ryan Macherone of the local police later confirmed she had passed away.

The baby girl went missing from Schenectady in New York State, US, March 9 evening with police saying she had been abducted. Officers were alerted at around 11pm when 911 was called.

After being asked by a reporter what it feels like to announce a baby dying, the lieutenant said: “It’s probably the worst thing that will ever happen (in his career). Most likely.”

The baby’s mum was arraigned in Schenectady City Court on Monday morning and remanded on $500,000 cash bail or $1 million bond.

When he announced the girl’s death, Macherone appeared about to cry. He said: “I’m standing here before you to announce the death of an 11-month-old child. There’s nothing good about that.”

Speaking to reporters, Lieutenant Ryan Macherone confirmed she had passed away at a conference today regarding the incident. At times looking at the edge of tears, Macherone said: “I’m saddened to report today that she passed away this afternoon.”

The charge against Nelson is based on the investigation and “video footage,” according to the allegations.

Before going missing, Halo was seen on 12th Street at Campbell Ave. in Schenectady at around 9.15pm on Saturday, March 9, 2024. She was wearing white sweatpants with brown & tan flowers, a long-sleeve, light pink shirt with a butterfly design, and had a Minnie Mouse blanket.

A previous update from the police: “The Schenectady Police Department has activated the New York State AMBER Alert and is investigating a child abduction that occurred near Campbell Avenue and 12th Street, in Schenectady at about 9:15 PM on 3/9/2024.”

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